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Kids craft camp– Over 14 fun projects.

Over 2 weeks of fun kids crafts that you will love just as much as they do! Grab all the supplies so you are prepared!


Kids are home- School’s out for spring break or for school cancellation. Either way- Those kiddos are going to get bored! (It’s inevitable!) So join us here and on Instagram STories! We are going to put up a fun craft every day that I promise you will love creating alongside your kids! (I’ll be updated the crafts here daily as we make them!)


It kicks off on Monday (March 16) It’s for ages 5 and upish. Lots are adaptable for little hands but some are definitely for more school-aged kids!

and you guys! If you wouldn’t mind SHARING SHARING SHARING! Help get the word out! Put it out on your social media. Show off your kiddos projects!


Here is the list of supplies you can grab so you have everything you need to create!

Most of these things you might have on hand or can be found at the dollar store So check their first! I’m not trying to make this a financial strain and most items are being used more than once!

  • scissors
  • crayons (we love crayola!)
  • crayola markers
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks 
  • squirt bottle (dollar store) we are just using water in it so if you have at home you can use it for this project!
  • white paper (cardstock and regular copy paper)
  • Painters tape/washi tape
  • Bottle of Elmer’s Glue (one per kid)
  • Watercolors (dollar store has some but we love this one!)
  • cookie cutters
  • paint (there is washable tempera paint or regular acrylic paint. both work for this project)
  • paintbrushes (dollar store)
  • trash.  (start to save up cereal boxes, empty milk carton, kleenex boxes, paper towel rolls, empty tape rolls, fruit snack boxes etc.
  • Duct tape  (dollar tree) Grab 1-2 colors per kid!
  • salt
  • shaving cream (dollar tree)
  • cornstarch (for outside craft in case you want to skip)
  • baking soda (for outside craft in case you want to skip)
  • liquid food coloring (for outside craft in case you want to skip)



Here are some things you might not have on hand

  • Shrink paper (or this bundle has all the fun supplies!)
  • magnets for back of our shrink a dink projects or other artwork (optional! You can upcycle old magnets too)
  • Stretched Canvas  You just need one per person but they have good deals at the craft store for bundles. (but check the dollar tree first!)
  • Model Magic
  • Yarn (We are making a few things- grab 4-5 of your favorite colors–think rainbow!)
  • Rope
  • sun paper
  • embroidery floss (little hands can use yarn though)

I know it looks like a lot…but this is over 2 weeks of fun crafts!

Optional crafts

These crafts are ones we will just be extra ones we will be having fun with. They are more for bigger kiddos which is why they are optional!

Slime: My daughter is going to make slime. I know some of you HATE slime. (that’s why it’s optional) but if you want to play along you will need shaving cream (dollar store) glue (white or other colors) and borax.

Yarn Pom Poms You already purchase the yarn..these pom pom makers are super fun to make!

Hyrdodipping. My kids are begging to try this! You need spray paint, plastic gloves and items to cover with paint!  old phone cases, cups, metal water bottles. I’m sure the dollar tree will have lots of fun little ceramic animals that will be fun to cover with paint!

In case your kids need some fun ideas on what to draw or sculpt- I do have a free printable for that! Grab it here! 


Two fun crafts: Water resist to reveal a secret message and Black glue for a fun stained glass look! Head here to check it out! 


We made these adorable yarn wrapped rainbows. So many fun ways to customize! And for little hands I showed how you can just add glue and yarn to paper and create some awesome projects! Head here to see it all! 


Take some of that yarn and make a jellyfish bracelet!

and extra bonus! Laser maze!


It doesn’t get easier than these! And the melting of the crayons is so satisfying! Check it out HERE!  

Day 4: Sidewalk Paint

3 ingredients you probably have on hand. A few minutes to make. Hours of entertainment! I had more fun with this than the kiddos!

Go here to check it out! 

I have 15 fun things to do with chalk on your sidewalks –lots of fun games and activities!

Alternative: Some people mentioned there was snow still–paint the snow! You can also check out this post that has lots of fun paint projects- painting with your feet, blowing paint with a straw, and smooshing paint between two pieces! Go here to check out the fun! 

DAY 5: Color Wheel

Learning about the color wheel! It’s important to understand what happens when kids mix colors! We did a fun activity with model magic-and then let the kids create lots of things! One of the things we made was a fingerprint pendant! A sweet special gift idea!


DAY 6: Friendship bracelets

4 different techniques to make these super cute bracelets! AND if you have smaller kids- grab yarn! It’s a perfect time to teach them to braid! Go here to learn how to make all these bracelets  

Our Bonus craft was more throwback crafts- cootie catchers, MASH, BoonDoogle keychains…and of course putting glue on your hands and letting it dry! oh. the 80s/90s were so good.

(free Mash printable here!)

You could also put together some super fun Perler bead crafts!


Day 7 Knock off Watercolor

This watercolor knock off is the perfect kid’s craft! Once you start you just want to keep making them! Different color combos. Stripes/ random. Crinkling up the plastic bag. And all stuff you should have on hand! Go Here to see how easy it is! 

I did whip up some free notecard printables so your kids can have a blast creating…and then write up some letters! Let’s bring back snail mail! Grab the printables! 

Day 8: Cookie cutter art!


Take cookie cutters and make some amazing geometric art! You can do paint or trace around and color in! You can catch all the details here!

Bonus craft: Keep the geometric art going and make this fun crumpled up art project! 


Day 9: Painter’s TAPE projects

We had lots of fun whipping up some tape projects!  Like this fun town for cars or littlest pet shop

Or use paint to make some fun geometric pictures!


You can catch all the creative ideas here! 



Day 10: salt art painting

You are going to have a blast watching the paint spread through the salt! It’s (as my kids would say) satisfying! Go here to see how easy this super cool art project is!

DAY 11: Shrink a dink Art Projects


Who doesn’t love watching your creations shrink down in size!? These Shrink art projects will be a huge hit with adults and KIDS! I included some free clipart printables to trace over! See all the shrink awesomeness here!

Bonus craft! Bean art! You could adapt this with pasta noodles or sand as well!

day 12: Trash Robots

We had so much fun creating with trash! Each kid made their own robot! We had a competition with a cash prize to sweeten the deal! Grab all the details here! 

I have lots of fun ideas on what to do with things found around the house. Like shoe boxes, cardboard, pringles cans, mint tins, and pop bottles!

Day 13: Sun Prints

Place some items onto this cool paper and place it in the sun for 2 minutes! The color changes for a fun cool shadow effect!

Bonus Craft! We did some hydrodipping! Spray Spray paint into water and slowly add in your item to cover it with a marbled look!


I am currently offering my big huge printable bundle for 70% off! Click here and use Code CORONA (this will work with my doodling pack too) 

It comes with so many fun things to do! It will be a kid-pleaser for sure!

CREATIVE CUES (My favorite)


If you are looking for other fun kits! Make sure to check out my amazon list devoted to kid crafting!

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