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Hot Rock-Fun Kid’s activity

Okay–This is one our my family’s FAVORITE art activity right after this geometric art activity ! HOT ROCKS! 

ANd guess what…it involves crayons…and rocks! Most have it on hand! So it’s perfect for those bored days and you’ve got NOTHING planned! I send my kids outside with a bucket to gather up some rocks. We clean them up if they need it and put them on a cookie sheet covered with tin foil and pop them in a 200 degree oven.

How to make fun hot rock crayon art

Then we gather all our old broken crayons and peel the paper off while they are heating up! 

After about 10 minutes…the rocks are nice and hot and perfect temperature to melt the wax on the crayons all over the rocks!  The wax will drip down (and wax is messy) So we folded up paper towels and put them underneath. 
Remember: This is called HOT rocks. So they are hot. You can’t touch them! Only the crayons. We did put a bowl of  water on the table in case anyone accidentally touched the rock. Another benefit of the paper towel is that you can take the corner and move it around to get all sides and then can slide out it out of the way when you are finished.

I know I say it’s a kid’s craft…but I’m not going to lie. I made just as many as my kids. and my “too cool for crafting” 13 year old sat there the longest decorating rocks! 

We even made a heart of te fiti one for our Moana roundup! 

They are just so fun and colorful! I took a ton of pictures! We made eyeballs and flowers and bugs and animal prints!

ALSO—IF you heat up rocks to hot they could explode! I would not put these in the microwave.


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