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sidewalk paint

Take one step past sidewalk chalk paint–and whip up some sidewalk paint! It’s so much fun and really pops off the concrete! Washes away just like chalk! 

This fun project is for kids….but is it? I’m not going to lie, I had so much fun doing this as well! I mean. Painting on sidewalks. One giant canvas! Yes please!
And Sidewalk paint only has 3 ingredients! Easy peasy!
it’s super easy and all the supplies are found right in your cupboard…

How to make Sidewalk Chalk Paint

The recipe is so simple
  • One part cold water to one part cornstarch.
  • Add food coloring and stir stir stir!

It is hard to stir at the beginning… but the corn starch dissolves and then it’s like a milk texture!

I only added about 4 drops and they were pretty vibrant on our driveway! If you don’t add food coloring it will be white!

The corn starch will settle if you let it sit too long.  You just need to take a spoon and stir it up and it will dissolve again!

Then it’s time for you to PAINT!

I’ve seen some on people on pinterest that used a muffin tin…so if you have kids that don’t share or want a variety of colors than that would be a great alternative to cups! We just had two of each color and shared it between us all.

Any we got on our clothes cleaned right up!


Here are my creations (because I had to jump in on this fun project!

It’s a perfect little project that will keep you entertained for hours!

I did notice that after the paint was in the sun all day it all pretty much turned white…so you might want to add more food coloring…

and I also have heard that if you have a lot of food coloring it might slightly stain your concrete…..

so pick your poison!

If your kids are wondering what to doodle with their paint…I have a post with 15 fun ideas to put on your sidewalk! The long jump is my favorite! Go here to check that post out! 

And if you are looking for more easy and fun kids crafts–you have got to check out my craft camp!

how to make sidewalk paint


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