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we are getting ready for school….by going OLD school

in honor of my kids going to school tomorrow (i thought this day would never come!!!) i thought i would be nostalgic and bring back some of the fun crap from my youth (i’m a sucker for youth crap. i have a whole pinterest board devoted to it and if i run across this i would buy it in an instant.

I’ve been giving them a crash course of my school days…that would not be complete without mash.

i mean…i only married my husband cause i did mash and his name was the only one left (fate)…still waiting for my mansion and my pet mule.

mash printables

I made a free mash printable for you HERE

and you can go HERE for a black and white version

kim at 733 also made an awesome mash–but she assembled it into a notepad (even more awesome than me i’m afraid to admit! go HERE!)

I’m also teaching kids that before facebook…and twitter…and text…and cell phones…if you wanted to talk to your friends…you WROTE it down…on paper. with a pen.

and then you folded it all fancy like

you can go HERE for refresher course in how to fold these fun notes

and if you were REALLLY cool..you wrote this on your notes:

and we also walked uphill both ways to school…without shoes. in two feet of snow.

(speaking of my youth…did you know that sheldon’s girlfriend on the big bang theory and the girl that played blossom are the same person! whoa! (said in joey’s voice)



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