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Watercolor knockoff

Fair warning–this craft is so darn easy and cheap and you will create way more watercolor things than you even know what to do with!!!

Right before we went on our camping trip–I stumbled upon this watercolor hack video from It’s Always Autumn. So I threw in the supplies before we left (since I already had all of them around the house) and when I pulled them out camping–we ended up creating for hours! It’s so fun and easy and can make such different results each time!

Supplies for knockoff Watercolor

  • squirt bottle with water
  • crayola washable markers
  • plastic bag
  • paper/bookmarks/cards etc!

I printed my pages from my laser printer on regular cardstock. I did have some watercolor paper but I thought the cardstock looked just fine for all the girls who created! (it can get really pricey) I also purchased some blank notecards and bookmarks so the girls could have a variety of things to make!

I decided to make my own inspirational printables–cause you know how I love creating cut files! You can find them in my shop here! (but all my cut files or fun free printables can be used!)

 I also just added some free notecard printables that work great with this! 

Okay–if you want to see the cool watercolor in action–head over to It’s Always Autumn post!

The reveal is the BEST PART!

You can really put lots of different fun twists–one color, stripes, just a little bit of water, crinkling up the bag! Once you get started you won’t want to stop!

Okay! go create!

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