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Glue Art- Kid’s Craft

Check out these two fun glue art projects! This Kid’s craft is so addicting–even you will want to get in on the action! 


Today’s Kid’s craft- we are making glue art! This one is a two-parter! You will have to decide which technique you like the best! Here is what you need to do both crafts

  • Elmer’s glue
  • Black Paint
  • Watercolor
  • Paper
  • Paint brush


First project-

Water resist Art work


We are going to doodle with your white regular glue. Write a fun note, Draw a cute picture, let your creativity roll!

Then you are going to let it dry! (put it outside in the sun or by a fan to speed up the process!) After it dries- it falls flatter. It still has a lip to it but it’s not as puffed up as when you originally start! Then you go over your project with watercolor! It reveals a secret message like a spy!

The glue makes it so the paint doesn’t stick all the way to reveal your glue image!

We also did this for Halloween and made spiderwebs!


Black Glue artwork

Next up–Black glue art!

You need to do the water resist first because you need to use up the glue a little bit to create the black glue! It’s easier to shake when there is less glue! You would think that the black paint and white glue would make gray–but it stays black!

Then you get to draw again! Think black velvet art or stained glass art! If you want to get the stained glass look- draw a basic shape and then add some lines inside to break it up and make it look geometric.

Let dry and then watercolor over it. You can actually use markers or crayons as well. But the watercolor really gets the stained glass effect!


If you are looking for more fun projects for you kiddos to craft up while home for spring break or summer- check out my 14 day craft camp for kids!

I also have a fun video of my flower art on instagram! Come follow along (agirlandagluegun)

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