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Drawing Prompts for kids

“But what should I draw?” My kids never know what to make-So these easy Art Prompt Ideas will hopefully inspire some creativity! 

I can’t really blame my kids…Sometimes I come up with a blank as well when thinking of things to draw or make! So today I made a big list of art prompts just to help get the creative juices going! You can print it out and cut them out and have the kiddos draw one. Or you can just read through until they find one that sparks an idea!


I have more prompts in my big huge activity printable bundle! The idea with these is to cut out and put it on the bottom of a sketch pad and then the kids have to read them and draw what the prompt is (and you could adapt this to writing! Kids would have to write about what is on the paper too!)

You can currently grab my big huge activity printable bundle for 70% with code Corona! Snag it here! 



Here is the free printable for drawing prompts for kids!



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