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Marker spinners!

Okay. I know I did penny spinners and then paper spinners and now I have Marker spinners. Apparently we like to spin here. But these things are mesmerizing to watch!  kids-craft-marker spinners.-Makes-fun-doodles-and-most-supplies-can-be-found-around-the-house




Old cds


Fat Markers

(I know you have these things laying around! (check out that backstreet boys cd –It was my husbands!!!)  supplies needed for kids activity

I made a video so you can see how easy and fun they are to make…and to watch them spin!


But it’s just a matter of taping the marker to the cd –keeping the cd as even as possible. (we noticed that if the cd wasn’t straight it didn’t spin nearly as good!) tape marker onto cd
Then take off the lid and spin!
fun kids coloring activity It creates such fun doodles that kids love to watch!   doodle ideas for kids

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