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beans beans the magical craft supply? (kid craft monday)

this is one of those mess crafts….that keeps you kids entertained for awhile.
so win lose.
you just need some beans…all colors and sizes.
and a picture.
the ones we used had numbers like a color coated system…but you can use any coloring book picture (it can even be already colored!)
then you just take your elmer’s glue and cover it up (a nice medium coat….not to much but not to little)
and put your beans on.

your kids cna be as anal as this as they want…i saw some that would place all their beans face up and in the right direction…and then there was my daughter that took a handful of beans and threw them on the glue.

she decided to go the polka dot route….

my son wanted to do his own batman one

my daughter is in mommy school (basically…she is too much of a terror to go to real preschool…so i just teach her at home…)
anyways..we have been working on abcs…so i sketched out an a and let her glue away…
it’s also a great way for her to work on shapes
you could also just use one bean…and paint them the colors you need…


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