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Harry Potter Sticker Set

Make sure to show your off your Wizard and Witch love with this free Harry Potter Sticker Set! Obsessed. 100%. Harry Potter just gets better and better everytime you read it! and watch it! and visit it at Universal! Ha! So I keep making fun Harry Potter things- and today’s project is the Harry Potter […]

Harry Potter Bookmarks- Free printables!

Show off what house you are in with these scarf Harry Potter bookmarks- free printables!  I am on a Harry Potter roll! First- Mandrake! Then the solemnly swear cut file– now the harry potter bookmarks!  I made these cute bookmarks to look like scarfs! 4 different houses- so if you are a Hufflepuff or Slytherin- […]

Harry Potter cut file

I solemnly swear I am up to no good. If you solemnly swear too- you can grab this FREE Harry Potter cut file svg that works with your cricut and Silhouette cameo!    This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra […]

Harry Potter Mandrake Plant

Today’s craft is the Harry Potter Mandrake Plant-Sculpt this totally cute little addition to any succulent to show off your true Harry Potter fandom!  I hope you guys are obsessed with Harry Potter as much as I am- because I have a few posts coming at you that are all fun crafts! AND I’M SO […]

Graduation gift idea- free printable

This graduation gift idea is such a fun one! A unique way to give money, gifts or both! Check out the whole how to!  First things first- This idea is so darn fun- you can totally use it to drop off a fun neighbor gift, or use it as a cool way to kick of […]

Graduation gift: luggage with free printable

A great graduation gift idea- luggage with free printable for a fun unique present! Just print it off- doesn’t get easier than that!    Our tradition in our house was we would get luggage for our graduation gift- A perfect present if you think about it! You need it when you move out! So in […]

How to make stickers from start to finish!

Stickers have been such a huge hit- and I’m going to show you EVERYTHING I know about how to make stickers from start to finish! From designing to cutting out! I have been OBSESSED with stickers recently! (I sell a bunch of fun crafty themed ones here) But I wanted to share how to make […]

How to Print and Cut Stickers

How to use the Silhouette Cameo to print and cut stickers! So much easier than cutting those stickers out my hand! The whole tutorial is here for you!    Making stickers has never been easier- once you know how! And Lucky for you- I’m here to teach you how!  I have a whole sticker series […]

The Best sticker paper to use

Regardless of if you use a Silhouette Cameo or a Cricut, I have tried out 7 different kinds of sticker papers to find the BEST sticker paper to use!  Stickers have become so much fun to make- BUT- what sticker paper is the best to use? I tried out 7 different kinds to find you […]

The Best graduation gifts

I’ve done all the research for you- and I created the best roundup- All the best Graduation gifts to give to those amazing graduates this year!  I have a graduate this year (CRAZY!) So I’ve been doing my research for the BEST Graduation gifts to give.  And I’m going to be honest. 90% of the […]

teacher appreciation helping me grow printable

Looking for a great present for those amazing teachers? I have a teacher appreciation gift idea- helping me grow printable that is perfect for sticking into a fun plant or succulent!  Teacher appreciation is always hard for me- those teacher deserve so much! Which is probably why I have so many teacher gift ideas and […]

The Best printer for Stickers

Come read all about my the best printer for stickers- or for just crafting in general! I’m breaking it down on what is important when purchasing a printer!  One of the questions I get asked all the time is What is the printer I like the most- so today I’m breaking it down to the […]

How to design Stickers

Want to make your own stickers? Well let me show you how! This post is going to show you HOW to design stickers- what software to use and what to make sure your stickers have to make a great print and cut! I have broken down the entire sticker process! We are going to be […]

Procreate brushes and clipart for making stickers

Procreate brushes and clipart that are perfect for making stickers! These brushes create texture and add so many fun elements!  To be honest. I feel like Procreates comes with some great free starter brushes! Lots of cool ones that will help you achieve lots of effects! But the more I play around- the more I […]