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diy fruit fans –a fun kids crafts

This posted over at the Idea room a few weeks ago!  I’ve whipped together a super fun fan to keep you cool during the hot summer months AND it’s a great kids craft that they will have a blast with! diy summer fruit fans that fold up a girl and a glue gun

I found these Popsicle sticks at the dollar store…already colored in. But you could totally have your kids paint some for you!

Popsicle stick craft grab a drill and drill a hole in the end  drill hole I used 5 sticks per fan–because that was what fit my brads. (but if you have bigger brads you could do more!)  drilled hole in stick Lay out and trace a fan shape. You want to make sure that the bottom arch isn’t too far down into the sticks or the bulky of the paper will make it hard to close!
fan template I just got a new watercolor set that I was dying to play with. So I painted some fun fruit shapes!
watercolor fruit After it dried, I cut out the fan shape and plugged in my glue gun (if you kids are doing this you could just use regular elmer’s glue)  glue on sticks Spread out the sticks and glued them into place to the back!  hot glue gun Now, they are cute like this…but you want to make them so they can fold up you will take it stick by stick and make folds as you go. watermelon hand fan diy I used water color paper…which is a bit thicker and makes it so it doesn’t fold up as flat! folded up fans and you could probably double up and tape two fans together and make it really big!  hand painted fan I even made a 4th of July one to take to the parade with us!  4th of july fan with watercolor and this is the one my daughter made….so cute! diy painted fan This one is made out of just regular paper and folds flat!

hand fan that opens and closes

paper fan

  pineapple fans


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