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DIY a custom candle- great mother’s day gift

Give your mom or grandma the best gift- a custom candle! Most supplies you already have on hand or can find for cheap! It’s the cutest mother’s day gift


I obviously just decorated some to match my daughter’s room so it would look cute on the shelf! So this is an anytime project, not just a mother’s day project! Either way, this DIY is so much fun that anyone who tries it will want to make a dozen!


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Supplies to DIY your own candle

  • Tissue paper
  • Wax Paper
  • Sharpies or printer
  • Heat source (hair dryer or heat gun)
  • white candle (I found some at the dollar tree or Walmart)

How to Decorate your own Candle

Cut tissue paper to the size of the candle (height and circumference around) Doodle on it with Sharpies. It will  leak through so make sure to put a paper underneath. Have kiddos draw a picture of mom or grandma, write a pretty note or just doodle their name!

Wrap around the candle. Take a piece of wax paper and place it around to hold the tissue in place. If you don’t, it will flap around as you heat it up. Hold it tight so you don’t get any wrinkles! Starting in the middle, heat up until you can see it get glossy. That is the wax melting and the tissue paper sticking. Move it around the whole candle until it’s all adhered on.

It will look like it’s part of the candle! Such a cool effect!

What grandma or mom wouldn’t love this little note!

How to make a DIY custom candle

Let’s step it up a notch and add a photo!

This worked both with color and black and white! I chose a photo that I could easily cut around, but you can put on the whole photo and wrap around it (think family picture!) I just took a sheet of cardstock and glued a piece of tissue paper the same size as the cardstock to it. Run it through the printer.

I printed a few until I had the right size that fit on the candle!

Trimmed around and added a little note. (Isn’t my son just the cutest! Now he just plays basketball and eats and eats and eats.)

Wrap around candle and add wax paper to hold it in place. I only needed to heat up the exact spot where the picture is. Not the entire candle.

I just can’t get enough of how cute this is!

You can wrap in cellophane, add a cute ribbon and a custom card for a perfect mother’s day gift!



If you want more fun things to diy for Mother’s Day – I have a whole post with so many cute ideas!

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