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i haven’t completely forgotten about mother’s day

but I will admit it has snuck up on me!

fingerprint keychain with sculpey

I had this week with my son’s preschool…so we made some mom inspired crafts to give to the kids moms…

I just made these mom cards
they can stand up…or fold up small
then I found a bunch of foam stickers from valentines day….so we decorated them up.
I made a mom stencil for you…..but am having troubles putting it in a downloaded place…so you will just have to deal with this…..
to go with our mom cards:
and you might remember this fingerprint from sculpey thing:
the kids rolled out their sculpey…cut out the hearts…pressed their finger in and added a hole.
i baked it while they were at “recess”
and then added a keychain
then I put the card and keychain in a decorated “lunch bag” (that’s what the kids kept calling it)
now what mom wouldn’t love that…
you know…they don’t stay this small forever. (sniffle)
and if you are really up a creek this mothers day…..you can whip up a levi apron

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