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In case you missed it…..cookie cutter art….

Kids will have a blast with this cookie cutter art project! Turn these kitchen objects into a work of art! 

I’m updating this post- mainly because the old one has the WORST picture! But we had just as much fun making these now as we did then!
Today I am making  cookie cutter canvas art
It’s super easy…and super fun. and It’s something that even kids can do! (if you trust them with paint- but there is a marker option as well!

Here is what you need to make cookie cutter art

  • Cookie cutters
  • paint or markers
  • paper or canvas
Let’s start
Some canvas (old or new) Old ones can just be painted over with a new paint job!
Paint your base cover and let dry!

Pick a cookie cutter. If you are tracing around it, don’t pick one that has lots of ridges!
You’ll need to pour plenty of paint on a flat surface (I use old cool whip lids or paper plate)
You need to press your cookie cutter firmly and make sure each side gets even paint…
Then press firmly onto the canvas. You can overlap the image or keep them apart so they don’t touch!
and repeat. over and over and over. Make sure you get fresh paint each time.
This red one splattered a bit…which I kinda liked!!! DSC02252
If you don’t want to deal with a canvas or paint- You could just stamp right on paper. How many ducks do you see?
or take markers and trace around the cookie cutter over and over again! Color it in for a fun pop!
Here is an old one I made:
I wanted one train to pop out so I colored it in with paint!
Such a fun and easy project! If you are looking for more projects- Make sure to check out my Kids craft camp post! 

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