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Spinning marker art- kids craft

This spinning marker art is mesmerizing to watch! Run markers over the twirling paper and colorful magic happen! Kids will love making this craft!

This is a kids craft- but make sure you are using adult supervision around the spinning power drill! But as long as you are careful, this project will be so darn cool! I promise, kids will love to see the circles emerge!


Supplies you need to make a fun spinning art picture:

  • Drill
  • cardstock or hard paper (you could maek a cardboard base and then use regular paper
  • markers  we used sharpies

I popped a little hole in the center of my paper and then put it down on the drill. You want the hole to be nice and snug or else the paper won’t spin with the drill.

If you are doing this by yourself, you press the button the drill and hold the marker with other hand. If your kiddos are helping- they can take turns pushing the button to spin the drill or do the marker part!

Start spinning and then touch the marker to the paper. If you hold it in one spot, you get a nice thick line. If you move it around quickly it looks like it’s hypnotizing image.

You can be super creative- swap out for crayons, colored pencils, paint (watch out for splatter) etc!

Once you have all the cool psychedelic circles done…

You can turn them into a fun banner- It makes a cool happy birthday sign!  You could also cut them out and turn them into flowers! Or put a big black painted handprint or photo in the middle!

If nothing else- spinning marker art is much fun to make! It’s so cool to watch how perfect the circles are!


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It’s full of fun creative things to do! Just like this crumpled art picture! 

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