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laser maze with yarn!

Between snow days and teacher prep days I feel like my kids are hardly in school this year! So we are coming up with fun ways to keep them entertained! This fun yarn laser maze was a crowd pleaser! Ages 8-13 played and loved it. (and we had to time each of them to see who could get through it the fastest)

It would be a great game to play this spring break!

The supplies are easy….yarn and painter’s tape! The painter’s tape is great to make sure you don’t peel off wall paint or anything! 

Just criss cross back and forth down a hallway.  You could do a room…but it’s going to take a lot more string and time! There is no trick to placement. You don’t want it to be impossible but you don’t want it to be too easy.

The goal is to get through without touching the string. You can keep points on how many times they touch the string with 5 points being added if you knock a string and tape undone (the goal is to get through with NO POINTS) 

It’s a lot trickier than it looks!


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