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Black Scratch art diy

Did you know that you can DIY your own black scratch art paper? Well, you can–and it’s so easy you will want to make TONS! 

I have always loved the black scratch paper! It’s just so fun to scratch and reveal all the awesome colors that pops through! And when a DIY is this easy, you will wonder why you haven’t been doing it for years!


Here is what you need to make scratch paper:


  • Cardstock
  • Black Paint (but you could try other colors)
  • Crayons!
  • toothpick or skewer to scratch with

Take your crayons and cover your cardstock completely. Push hard. The wax of the crayons is what makes the paint come off the paper. You will want to add lots of colors to give the scratching a cool effect.

Cover with black acrylic paint. One coat, let it dry. Then add another coat!

It doesn’t take a lot of paint to cover it, and if you do two thin coats it will dry pretty quickly!

After it dries, it’s ready to roll! Take something that you can scratch with (like a toothpick) and create something amazing!

It’s really so much fun to reveal the colors underneath! You could fold these over and send it as a notecard!

Like I said before- you could use another color of paint- a red for valentine’s day or teal paint will be super fun. Just keep that in mind when coloring with the crayons. If you use blue crayons on the bottom layer, blue paint over top is probably not a great idea!


You can just purchase scratch paper- Here is a great set off of Amazon!


(but where is the fun in that!)

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