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Marbled paper

Have a little messy fun with this marbled paper craft! Kids will love mixing the paint. And when you scrape off the shaving cream- it’s pure magic!  

Here is what you need to create marbled paper

  • shaving cream
  • cardstock
  • pan to contain the mess
  • plastic tablecloth or garbage bag
  • ruler or popsicle stick
  • paint or food coloring.

I tried acrylic paint, food coloring, and tempera paint. They all worked. I personally like the look of the tempera paint. It’s a little more runny than acrylic paint so it spread easier. PLUS- since it’s washable you can let your kid touch the shaving cream and play in it without worrying about stained fingers.

How to make Marbled paper

Cover the bottom your pan or plate with shaving cream.

Add in your paint or food coloring. You can do lines or add it in at random.

Swirl it up a little bit to get a marbled look. You can mix up the paint and teach your kiddos about the color wheel.

Place a piece of paper on top and press it down. I press until shaving cream comes up around it. I run my finger over the entire paper to make sure each section touches paint! Then pull up.

It’s covered with shaving cream- but the real magic comes when you scrape off all the shaving cream. You can use a ruler or popsicle stick for this part! The reveal is the best part!


Okay. one more reveal because I can’t get enough!

Let dry. I did double sided for the pinwheels and I did it immediately after. You scrape off the paint so it’s not super wet.

The kiddos loved playing in the shaving cream!

I did have a question about reusing the shaving cream and paint. The second one is never as good as the first. I did add a little bit more paint or added in another color to get a different look. But I did change out the shaving cream every 2-3 papers. You could just dump it in a big bowl or bathtub and let your little ones play!

Like I said, it does get messy. Make sure you have paper towels nearby!


Here are some of the things you can do with all that marbled paper you will have laying around!

Bookmarks, notecards, pinwheels, or cut them into fun shapes, letters or designs!

Butterflies found here! 


Someone also mentioned doing this technique with easter eggs! So that is next on my list of things to do! Here is an image to pin to save for later!



and if you are looking for ever more amazingly cool crafts for kids- check out my kids craft camp! 



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