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scarf with pockets!!!!

this was a guest post over at me sew crazy…she was having a re-sew-lution….and since it snowed today and i’m freezing i thought it was the perfect time to get it out of my draft box! my re -SEW- lution…is to ACTUALLY use the fabric i have. i keep buying and buying and then i […]

chore chart (knock off!)

this post is coming from this stupid picture i posted on one of my shout out sundays…. the source is HERE… and it has gone around pinterest like a wildfire… and i get sooo many emails on how to make it… so i’m putting the emails to rest and showing you how i *think* she […]

will you be mine?

not really. i’m spoken for. unless you are…. channing tatum ryan reynolds paul walker ryan gosling or brad pitt. then yes. yes i will be. but you know..sometimes i find valentines lacking. they just don’t share the true sentiments that i feel for some people…..so i created my own….(and i’m trying to use picnik AS […]

umm…more refashion stuff?

my last refashion…and i’m excited that i don’t have to get ready anymore to take pictures of myself. i think you should know by now the extreme hoarders-penny pincher mentality i have. so when my husband tells me to clean out my closet….well, it’s traumatic for me. i have alot of clothes. and i wear […]


Anytime I¬†make a baby girl present…I always throw in one of these baby bracelets…cause they are super fast to do…and ohmygoodness so cute. Something about teeny weeny things makes me happy (I have this little tiny bottle of A1 in my cupboard. it’s just so cute! so i thought i would give you a basic […]

diy your own canvas

apparently i forgot that the internet company was doing maintenance on the neighborhood yesterday and my Internet was out all day. it was awesome. my husband was home so I was all…”see, you think i’m always on the computer” (which i am except when it’s not working) but he doesn’t know that…cause as soon as […]

garbages and krylon

so. i’m trying to clean out my inbox. i have about 90 drafts and it’s a bit overwhelming. i start post i already have started and i forget to post things and they sit there for weeks. (poor lonely posts) so i’m weeding out some guest posts i have done! this one was for  diy […]

ctr blocks

first: a winner for our paper bakery giveaway tt.scraps said… Wow!  Thanks for sharing them!  ūüôā email me at kimbowest 21 (@) gmail.com! I am a member of this church. and i’m in the primary (ages 3-12) and this year’s themed is CHOOSE the RIGHT. (which is a great theme if you are a member […]

the planket? the quillow?

this was a guest post over at postively splendid and i do think it’s quite clever…but i’m vain like that… and an easy project… introducing….. It’s a pillow…. it’s a blanket.. it’s a planket….? okay. so it’s a working title. (that was supposed to be sung to the pillow pet song) but whatever it is […]

pin cushion.

i lost my freakin tomato thing. (and the pins stuck in it.) so i had to whip one up! (and then buy some pins….) i measured around the lid….and cut it smaller…. hot glue fabric all around withs stuffing inside… nice and tight… then i hot glued it inside the lid and added another piece […]

the science box:

I ended up with my 10 year old nephew for christmas this year. and i was pretty stuck on what to get him. and then i came across science bob… and i thought, what boy doesn’t like exploding crap. (my 32 year old boy still likes exploding crap) so i compiled a whole box of […]

top twelve overall….

#1 is…… ¬†the menu board (my personal fav) #2 the car mats! all 420 of them… #3 diy drum shade #4 ¬†stuffed animal scarfs #5 faux board and batten #6 hopscotch¬†(and other games!) #7 star wars picture #8 ruffled lampshade #9 my vinyl HOME #10 ruffled aprons! love these cute little things! #11 cupcake stand […]

I thought i might get my act together and post today…

but i have to tell you. i have not missed you blog. no. that is a lie.¬† i have missed you. but after the craziness that is christmas it is sure dang nice to not plug in the glue gun.. and i don’t think i will until well into next week. so this will not […]

it’s a cinch!

I acutally learned how to make these bags when i volunteered to make some for humanitarian aid for my church… and you can go HERE for probably way better instructions…. I bought a yard of the football flannel..and i already had the yard of the red..(the red is just to make the inside look nice…you […]