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the most awesomest (it’s a word) blanket ever.

I feel in mad deep love with this blanket by made. (click HERE) and my husband  said that a guy at work was having a baby (not him…his wife….boys can’t have babies silly…) and I thought..perfect excuse to make ‘said’ blanket. went and bought some fabric…. guess where I got it…just guess?! and you should […]


I’m going to quote from one of my favoritest movies: It’s not an etch-a-sketch. This is one doodle you can’t undid. And this has really nothing to do with nothing except I am using etching stuff today. And once you etch…it can’t be undid.  Oh yes, we are going to etch our little names into […]

Take me to your leader..

My husband thinks I keep garbage. But this time…I actually did. I hoarded ACTUAL GARBAGE! and He about had a heart attack….but I had a vision! threw in a roll of duct tape and electric tape and a few pairs of scissors… dump them onto the floor and have at it. it kept them entertained […]

wrap it up…

I cringe when I see a walmart bag used as wrapping paper. CRINGE! I love wrapping it all up cute with a bow. It just makes you want to rip it open even faster…cause you know if the wrapping is awesome….the presents is going to be even awesomer!~ (okay..I’m not a ripper……I  gently unstick the […]

Target Practice…

and to go with our rubber band gun from friday:  a felt target ( I sewed this one…but this could be 100% hot glued) (I sew when my sewing machine is on and has the right colored thread…I hot glue when my gun is plugged in and ready to go….) red felt cut into a […]

crazy christmas carols printable

Lets test your Christmas carol knowledge!   I only couldn’t get one! how well did you do????(you can just right click and save to your computer and print from there) or.. go HERE to download and HERE for your cheat sheet found this fun one too!!! source

easy diy nativities

We made this at our super saturday last year..I loved it cause A. it was simple B. it was kid appropriate a must at my house! and guess what? it’s made with terra cotta pots! and you all know my OBSESSION with terra cotta potta! it would be a great craft to do with the […]

Christmas shirt…

okay…do you remember the interchangeable shirt I make for every holiday? click HERE   well, I wasn’t going to make one for Christmas….It actually never even crossed my mind. Then my daughter brought me this: this is what she would like her shirt to look like… a christmas tree. then she tells me she wants […]

for the kid that likes to dress up.

Do you remember these? well, if you don’t remember…click HERE these would make a great gift for christmas….fill it with all sorts of dress up goodies. You can buy a lot of stuff at the dollar store necklaces, swords, crowns,  wands, police badges and guns, pom poms, shoes, doctor stuff and on and on and […]

for the boys that like cars–sew a car holder

(this post may contain affiliate links)   I love that my son loves cars. $1.00 car gets a lot done around here (bribery!) But he need a cute way to display them! I got a yard of red flannel…..and cut it in half (i’m making two car holders!) ( If I was to do it […]

easy christmas craft

remember my advent calendar? (if you don’t click HERE) One of our activities is a christmas craft…and here it is! (believe…nothing fantabolous…just something fun and inexpensive that all 3 of my kids can do!) beaded candy canes: Supplies: beads and pipe cleaners… take the pipe cleaner and make the general candy cane shape kink the end […]

Microwaveable Caramel sauce!

We had a craft day with the sisters and  My sister brought all the stuff to make caramel apples (and turtles and dipped pretzels, and your fingers.) And here is the best part—it’s made in the MICROWAVE! Doesn’t get easier than that!   RECIPE:In a large glass bowl, combine 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1 1/2 […]

who names a kid Indiana?

We recently had an Indiana Jones movie marathon (called Indie 500—-500 minutes of Indiana Jones) My son is such a fan. and you’ll never guess what he wanted for his birthday? a whip. Yeah right. why not just buy him a loaded gun. He actually started using a rubber snake as his “whip” and I’ll […]

christmas countdown advent style

HAPPY DECEMBER…is anyone else doing a slight mental breakdown of only 24 days left until christmas….cause I’m not…just wondering if you are. okay. I might have started to do yoga to calm myself down. and now my leg is sore from stretching and so my yoga day (yes, only one day) is over. but I […]