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love letters how to

i must live in texas cause everything is big this week! super large love letters! I orginally had another project for love week. something i wasn’t 100% sold on but i liked it more than any other ideas. and i got a phone call from my mom with this novel idea! and i got to work! […]

rainbow shout outs

so when i got my list of themes from sytyc…i went through and pinterested (it’s a verb…like google) and found some inspiration pieces to get the juices flowing! and there is so much roygbiv that i had to share… fresh lemon quilts landee see landee do real life one day at a time design sponge […]

roygbiv how to.

SINCE I WON LAST WEEK…YIPEE! (more excited that i actually beat jessica! (even though she is kicking my trash again this week!)  I get to post my tutorial over at so you think you’re crafty so go HERE and read the easy how to… {i also put the print in my etsy shop HERE… along […]

painted mason jars

im’ a hoarder ( this is about the 15th post i have started with those exact words…) and i save stuff… jars mostly. prego ragu candles jam jellies pickles salsa basically if it comes in a glass jar i will save it. and it was starting to get a little out of hand. so i decided […]


so today i’m showing how i made my fun hearts for sytyc…(the tutorial for the print is tomorrow!) but first: i was instant messaging my old college roomie (i would insert embarrassing picture of us in college here but it’s downstairs…..and i’m upstairs. and i’m lazy. but she is an avid book reader. and you […]

ruffled table runner

so i had to make a cute table runner… cause what’s a new dining room table without a cute coverup. it’s like a pretty lady in a pretty dress.okay.it’s not. whatever. walmart just got in this set of navy blue and red polka dots and stripes…it’s very nautical and cute..but i just wanted this cute […]

oh alice

so..i didn’t exactly have a tutorial for this dress.. wait..let me show you the pictures i took um…i believe this is the collar… this next one is a picture of the pleats i made around the bottom of the skirt..i wanted to keep it simple cause alice is simple…but i wanted to jazz it up a […]

fabric dollhouse

this one is all credit to my sister who found this adorable fabric dollhouse HERE (make sure to check out her flicker group.it’s AMAZING.) here is the one she made for my daughter.. and the ones she made for her twins.. love the barn And my little niecey was turning 5 and i really wanted to […]

organization shout outs!!!!

This post may contain affiliate links! My last house was small. RIDICULOUSLY small. And I have crafthoarderitis–so I had to get reallllll creative with my storage ideas! I quickly realized that the backs of door had lots of space that could be utilized with a $9 over the door shoe organizer! SO MANY IDEAS! from the […]

the cutest cork board ever.

don’t mind my vainness…my mother actually DID teach me better than this…but I can’t help myself! so last up on the organization train is a cork board… now that my chore chart is on the fridge i don’t have room for the oak tree amount of papers we get from school. and my daughter has […]

video game holder…

I had the barbie holder done. the craft holder done…and i decided to whip this out before sytyc..and it soon became my favorite (as well as the son’s favorite) it’s just so darn useful! it holds all the crap that comes with the video game..charger…cards…his every growing game collection! (pet peeve…when you buy a ds […]

barbie organizer

When I was showing off my cute diy mirror redo…you got to see this awesome purple shoe hanger. the purple drove me crazy…also the fact that the barbies didn’t fully fit….so i made a custom barbie holder to hold every single barbie….(and two huge pockets to hold their stuff) that boy barbie has his eye […]

craft organizer

Alrighty! welcome to organization week…remember two weeks past (or maybe it was 3 weeks on sytyc the theme was organization..? well.  I made one thing.. them made another…. Then made another. Don’t ask why I went all hog crazy. but the three things are all pretty similar in tutorials…they all use plastic…they all have binding…(and on top of […]


{i had to stop myself from writing butterfly kisses in the title…i didn’t want that song stuck in all our heads for the rest of the day… cause i don’t know about you…but i cringe when i hear it! just a matter of it being overplayed like crazy when it first came out! always the […]