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vinyl scraps.

this project isn’t a project…it’s what you do AFTER you have finished your project!!!! i’m a hoarder saver and so when i get done with a vinyl project..i keep the scraps… and they start to pile up. so i love when i think of projects that will use up some of my gigantic pile. and […]

camo bridal shower…

my baby sister is getting married… (tomorrow!) (so don’t expect a post from me..cause i’m off in a few hours for a GNO that may or may not involve lots of food and a trip to IKEA! but i wanted to show you her fun bridal shower we threw for her…. okay. you guys are […]

the girls room…a year in the making….

the before: please excuse the picture quality..cause….it sucks. so it’s pink and red… and i didn’t want to do a total overhaul…so i decided to keep the pink and swatch out the red for the gray… that way i didn’t have to get new bed linens..or rug.. so I painted it gray… and gave everything […]

sentimental and hoarding..(same diff)…aka baby quilt..

by now we know the extent of my hoarding…you could read…well…really any posts…and i’m using something that i have hoarded…(but…is it really hoarding when i use it? i mean somethings have been hoarded for years..but if i use them i would call it “saving” stuff instead of hoarding.) and so when my sweet little babies […]

shout outs (kid bedroom style)

i thought it would be a fun to do a rundown of my most favorite kids rooms….. source source source source source source source source source source source source source if you like kid’s rooms you really need to subscribe to this blog: and i have a great pinterest board HERE dude..i know this sucks. […]

polka dots

 i have finally finished my daughter’s room. (cue the trumpet) i literally thought it would take last summer and be done. but i wanted to make some new pillows…and (cause i’m insane) decided to make my daughters comforter…. and i finally finished it… (basically cause i was hosting bunco and didn’t want everyone to see […]

princess peg dolls!

you KNEW they were coming… cause i’m a girl and princesses rock. and my neice had a birthday. so all that considering..i sat down and painted out some princess peg dolls…. just like the superhero peg dolls –i got the pegs from HERE they are a little smaller…cause princesses are dainty. then i googled some […]

happy FOURTH!!

sometimes I get bored and play around on picmonkey….. and the other day I walked in on the very end of a movie that my husband was watching (act of valor) and they were reading this poem… and I liked it…and made some printables of it…         anyways..I thought it was somewhat appropriate for […]

peacock how to!

Today i’m flashing back to my SYTYC days…I won the whole shebang with this sucker (but it was close cause i was against the PRETTIEST dress that i ever did see!) and i’ve been cleaning out the mass mess that is my garage… and i’m enrolling for hoarders anon. and then i’m going to tackle […]


so i have to share the cutest birthday party that my sister just did for her twinners.(i’m getting to the point where i need to start carrying around disclaimers for everyone to sign!) turns out…swiper stole the PARTY cupcakes (dang that swiper!!!) so everyone got outfited with some backpacks…. it’s foam…hot glue…and yarn around the […]


this was an oldie…(over at the expressions vinyl blog) but it’s one of my favorite redos.i just like to emphasis the fact that you really don’t need a cameo or other cutters to love vinyl like i do! (they do make it WAY more fun!) i have these shoes. and i’ve had them for years. […]

sidewalk paint

Take one step past sidewalk chalk paint–and whip up some sidewalk paint! It’s so much fun and really pops off the concrete! Washes away just like chalk!  This fun project is for kids….but is it? I’m not going to lie, I had so much fun doing this as well! I mean. Painting on sidewalks. One […]

marble maze

{AS SEEN ON PINTEREST}  i know i know…it looks like… but it’s not! It a super fun {quiet for the kids} activity. that keeps your kids quiet. and yes i put quiet in twice..cause it’s THAT important. I went up to my mom’s house and my sister was whipping out a bunch of these for […]

blog tips how it started….

it’s been awhile. maybe cause i literally just don’t know what i’m doing so it’s hard to pass on advice. nah–that’s not it. cause usually (even when crafting) don’t know what i’m doing and i still post tutorials all week long! (you can go HERE to read my blog tips thus far) anyways. i wanted […]