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how to roygbiv

I got my kitchen all painted and decorated enough to call it quits and work on something else (i.e. i can’t figure out how i want all the excess space above my cupboards so i give up at the moment. ) so I thought i would give you a tour…but first i wanted to post […]

it’s sunday…..

and it’s time to see some awesomeness that is not mine:la famille the whole of it. just awesome. lil luna these personalized frames are just so sweet (and i love the colors!) blue robin cottage I keep singing FOXY LADY…. but i want one of these. cause i’m crafty like a fox. vixen made this […]

perfect timing for the avengers if i do say so myself…

  we went opening weekend to see the avengers with all the kids….and we got to the movie theater and saw the line in the parking lot and drove right on by to the redbox and rented we bought a zoo. SO NO SPOILERS! we are going to see it soon! so this is probably […]

toy bags

so I sat down to whip these fast bags out….and for the life of me could not find this canvas fabric..and i spend the whole day Tuesday cleaning up and looking for it on my messy desk. AND THEN this WED morning..I remembered that the last time i cleaned up i stuck it in a nice organized […]

I’m pretty sure I need a new door mat….

Not like I need a door mat cause my other one doesn’t work…. or cause I don’t have one… but I would like my door mat to represent me… you know…SUUUPPPER helarious. (this post may contain affiliate links) source   source source source  source source     source source source source source source source source   source source […]

oh brother…i mean mother!

I love my mother… (i would put a picture of my mom here…but i have a feeling she would KILL me.) and i love being a mother… and with motherhood comes a certain responsibility… to not let your children destroy themselves and each other. so I came up with a mother’s day card representing that…. […]

i’ve got the bloggin blues….

*disclaimer: it was late. very late. continue: source you know. i love blogging. i have never once (okay maybe once) complained about it…(there was a time last summer that i got a little overwhelmed…but i blame the childrens for that…this summer i’m going to ship them to a summer camp like in parent trap so […]

mason jars…for kids!

so remember how i hoard jars…well i’ve decided to do something with them! the first round was all about painting….(you can go HERE) this round is all for kids……. You might have seen this lava lamp around pinterest (well….sort of lava lamp…) well..we tried it…and it was a blast!!!! you just add…. and then you add…. […]

party shout outs!

what would birthday week be without a compilation of great party ideas from around blog world….? it just wouldn’t be. and this could quite possibly be the post that never ends….cause if you can think of a theme…there is a party for it…and i have found soooo many super fun ideas (dang you pinterest and […]

the princess party in full force

so the princess party is over (phew) BUTit was super fun…and i totally was too busy to take any pictures! (isn’t that usually how it goes?) but I did manage to snap some before the party started… i cleared out my shelf and turned it into a dress up station (just in case any girls […]

no one is going to come unless you have INVITATIONS!!!!

this isn’t my first rodeo princess party (third in fact….what can i say? we likey the princesses. (or i do and i push them on my daughters..) first invitations is….. My daughter loved playing with this…like the court jester had delivered it to her to invite her to the ball…. I had some of these […]

party favors PRINCESS PENS! and a game….

first..party favors–the princess bags were the main favor…but I had to have something super fun inside….. If you are an oldie of agaagg…you may remember my fancy nancy pens… well i made some… one for each purse…(and a few extras for the older cousins who were helping out) they are all hot glued (and oh my […]

princess bags

so here’s the real reason my daughter is having a princess party…. i really just wanted to make these princess bags (inspired by THIS pinterest pin… read the description i put…) as the party favor for the 8 little girls…. AND cause i’m  lazy awesome i did all with hot glue. I was sitting there […]

marble race

okay..my daughter’s birthday party is tomorrow…and  i’ve been working myself into a tizzy getting ready for it (after i lectured myself that i don’t need to go all out like some of the parties you see on pinterest…) (but then i do cause i’m dumbo) so i’m showing another fun gift my sister-in-law made for […]