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How to make a wood round door hanger (with cut files)

These wood round door hangers have been a hit on facebook- so I sat down and wrote everything you need to know to make your own round sign- with cut files!  You guys. Don’t start this project unless you have intention of making 100. They are so fun and addicting. It would actually be a […]

Teach cut file

My kids are back to school- and I’m so incredibly grateful for those teachers! So I created another cut file to show my love and appreciation for those who love to teach (and we are so glad they do!)   This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may […]

Barbie House out of a cheap bookcase!

This is one of my first posts here on this blog…so it’s due for an upgrade! How to make a Barbie house out of a cheap bookcase! Yup! an easy barbie house that is so cute and wayyyy affordable! Perfect for a Christmas gift idea! If you want to- you can see my old ugly […]

Totally awesome brushes to use with the Procreate App

Need some fun brushes to up your cut file game!? I have a list of my my favorite brushes to use with the procreate appto make your lettering amazing! Enjoy!   If you are new to procreate- its can be totally overwhelming. THERE IS A LOT TO LEARN! and on top of that- there are […]

Scrunchie gift with free printable!

Need a quick and easy gift idea that any tween girl will love! This Scrunchie gift comes with a free printable!  I needed a quick and easy gift idea to give to the girls in my church! Since Scrunchies are totally back (I rocked them the first time around circa 1990s) So I sat down […]

BE strong Be true Be You Cut file

Free cut file alert! A perfect inspirational message- BE strong- BE true- Be you! Add it your shirts or notebooks to get reminded every time you see it!  This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. If you […]

Make a state shirt- without a vinyl cutter!

  If you want to represent your state- I have the easiest state shirt how to- and you can make it without a vinyl cutter!  Supplies you need to make a state shirt Shirt scissors vinyl (I prefer super fun patterned vinyl from Expressions Vinyl) Print out of your state (#iloveidaho) First. This patterned vinyl […]

Virtual Teachers cut file

This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. If you are looking to sale products made with this cut file please purchase a commercial license HERE! (This will let you use ANY of the free cut files I offer on my blog! […]

Send a craft kit!

Need a cute and easy gift idea for that crafty kid? What about sending some crafty happy mail? I’ve got you covered with some super fun crafty kit gift ideas with free printables. I had to whip up some birthday presents recently- and I feel like kids are getting so hard to shop for! They […]

The Basics to start hand lettering

One of the questions I get asked the more is how do you start lettering! So I sat down and created a whole video going over the basics to start hand lettering! So grab your closest marker and let’s get crafty!   Here is the whole video! What pens to use for hand lettering!  (affiliates […]

Free Lettering practice sheets

Free lettering practice sheets so you can rock brush lettering like a boss! Upload them to your procreate app or just use with a marker! I get asked all the time about hand lettering! I love it (I’ve been doing it for years!) I find it very relaxing–wayyyy more than coloring those crazy intricate coloring […]

Spotify Music Glass Art

This spotify music glass art is trending on tiktok! And I HAD to get in on the trend! frame from the dollar store, scrap vinyl and a photo! Easiest but sweetest gift idea! PLUS FREE CUT FILE to make your life easier! You are welcome!  I’m not sure if you have seen these super fun […]

How to paint on fabric without fabric paint!

Fabric paint can be expensive- so today, I’m going to show you how to paint on fabric WITHOUT fabric paint! It’s going to be a game changer!  Let’s be real. I have a wall of acrylic paint! So when I wanted to recreate a fun paint splatter shirt (Inspired by my sticker envelopes)  I didn’t […]

Expressions Vinyl Mystery Box

A few months ago, I got to sit down and pick out all the vinyl that would go in Expressions Vinyl’s next mystery box! It was so much fun- except I, of course, overthought it and stressed about what would be the biggest hit! I finally narrowed it down (and even custom designed a patterned […]