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Diy flower knobs

flower hooks

I received product and payment from The Blueprint Social (www.theblueprintsocial.com) for this post, however, opinions are 100% my own. I got to get my hands on some premo clay the other day. it’s one of my favroitest things to play with. I may have just created things for HOURS. seriously. I made so much stuff. [...]

kitchen wall


it’s TIME For another installment of HELP KIMBO DECORATE HER HOUSE!!!!!! (so far we have talked about a big wall and fireplace. and my blah bedroom) today i need some help in the kitchen (this is where my husband would snort and say “more than just decorating”) but i’m having such a hard time with [...]

shout out sunday


winthrop chronicles what a beautiful skirt. pretty sure i need a tulle skirt. capital b how fun are these pool noodle nun chucks! my son would adore these…. 30 handmade days this is soooo awesome! mandag433 these frozen hats are about the cutest things ever!!! (it’s an etsy shop so you can buy these!) creole [...]

easter candy skewers

easter candy skewers for kids. easy and fun

i’m pretty obsessed with making these fun candy skewers….(go HERE to see my valentine ones) maybe cause i get to buy candy.  just skewers and poke candy through (must be chewy candy!)  easter colors make my heart happy! so fun for a classroom party or a pretty centerpiece at an easter brunch! (or let the [...]

throwback thursday–pin cushion and kids sewing kit

pin cushion jar with hot glue

throwback Thursday is a new little series….Cause i have 1500 posts. (okay…some of those are just random posts about how i use my husbands deodorant cause it smells good) but MOST of those are craft posts. and No one uses my tutorials more than i do. once i do something i repeat as birthday presents, [...]

the perfect spring leggings for girls (wiww) well not i. but my daughters…..

leggings for spring

my two cute girls got the most ADORABLE leggings from lolly’s pop… seriously. these floral leggings are hands down our favorites we have found! I was such a mean mom and wouldn’t let them wear them until i was ready to have  a photo shoot with them…(my daughter would wake me up every morning asking [...]

peel and stick vinyl for your cupboards!

peel and stick vinyl under the sink

so…when i was packing up my house…Oh..about  7 months ago. I thought..”i’m going to post about how i added some peel and stick vinyl/laminate underneath my cupboards.” So i snapped some pictures. and then 4 months later..i’m all…oh.  yeah. that. (my mind is a fine tuned machine…..) and then did nothing with it. UNTIL NOW! [...]

What to do with dried up markers–kid craft

what to do with dried up markers

we love to color but apparently we don’t always love to put the caps securely on. which results in dried up markers. but the other day (purely by accident.) i noticed that if you dip dried up markers in water they had a burst of color so we turned it into a little easter craft. [...]

Ultimate Easter shout outs!

easter roundup

          we had so many great link ups in our ultimate easter party! i’ve got an awesome roundup of my FAVORTIES!!!!  source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source source

goldfish carrots–food friday

easter goldfish carrots

i don’t know how my kids have teeth. with how much crap they consume i’m SHOCKED that they haven’t completely rotted away. that being said…i’ve already purchased HOards of candy for their easter baskets. i’m an enabler. and i love chocolate. but in case you are looking for an alternative for easter candy…these cute goldfish [...]