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kitchen apron rack with hobby lobby knobs

I’m so stinking excited guys! You know I love me some Vinyl. and you know I love me some awesome bloggers and of course throw in tons of creativity… and you have yourself VINYL PALOOZA!!! 20 AMAAAAAZING bloggers….(okay..19 and me.) have been paired up with tons of Expressions Vinyl to give you so much fun inspiration [...]

lampshade roundup

over twenty different fun and unique ideas of ways to makeover a plain boring lampshade

okay…The other day I scored 4 plain lampshade for about $2.50 a piece…(do I have four lamps that fit them…no. but that is soooo besides the point.) So I quickly go on in pintrest to see what I should do with these plain janes….so many fun ideas! So sit back…relax…and enjoy this lampshade goodness! a [...]

free treasure hunt printables…and why i’m a horrible mother.

present hunt printable

Okay. So currently I’m at snap blog conference! WOOT! I’m sure i’m having a blast and am completely sleep deprived! (follow me on instagram at agirlandagluegun But guess what? Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday! Such. a. bad. mom. I stewed about going vs. staying home for her birthday. But in the end..blogging won! (okay…there are [...]

Apron made from two fat quarters and Expressions Vinyl

apron made from two fat quarters. so easy....great for mother's day!

I’ve got a super duper easy apron/sewing project for you…that would be amazing for a mother’s day present! and it only involves 2…and a half things)  You need two fat quarters…and some heat transfer! (this sis the half…fun iron on vinyl is actually optional…but SUPER cool to customize it with! I get all mine from [...]

hot glue pom pom pillow

cutest pillow for little girls room

This was made for the ribbon retreat blog! But I always love to post everything here eventually! so in case you missed it…….. My daughter’s birthday is coming up…and I’m surprising her with a total room redo! So I feel like everything I’ve been crafting is pink and cute and ruffly and pom pomy. And [...]

balloon invitations with free printables

kids free printable invitations

Daughter is turning 7! My Baby. ah! she seems so little until she falls asleep in the car and I have to carry her into the house! Anyways. I wanted to show you her fun party invitations–and I’ve got some free printables for you at the end! I didn’t want anything character themed (even though [...]

shoutout sunday 10


Hello everyone! it’s been a super busy week. but in all honesty…I can’t remember a week that wasn’t busy. (i do actually…it was about 10 years ago!) This week we did a fun kids crafts that only involve paper! I ate the last of my cadbury minis (sad) I showed you how I organized my [...]

Polka dot mirror

diy polka dot mirror

It’s polka dot week over at R and R workshop! And since I ADORE polka dots…I had to play along! whipped up a super easy mirror!  I measured the wood….and cut 5 inches extra than the mirror….I wanted it to overlap the mirror so the mirror sits behind it. (Home depot can cut your wood…so [...]

earth day

earth day necklace

  You just take a few pieces of blue and green sculpey and roll them together into a ball. (buy them from Joanns and use your coupon!)   You will want to take a piece of wire and curve it and pop a hole through the top (in and out of just the top)  source

How I store my craft vinyl!

vinyl scraps storage

So..I’m obsessed with craft vinyl. I mean who isnt. (and if you said you aren’t obsessed…well you should be. It’s cheap (check.) it’s awesome (check) and it’s colorful (double check) I always buy mine at Expressions Vinyl and since it’s so cheap…It has gotten…well….out of hand. So I thought I would show you the different [...]