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Junque bows and christmas hair.

junque bows made from leftover ribbon and scraps

I love these junque bows (you can see them all here) great scrap buster…you don’t have to be precise or perfect and they are super quick! you can see a more indepth how to here–but you throw whatever scraps and leftovers in that match your color scheme…and then tie a ribbon around the middle to keep [...]

passive aggressive christmas roundup…..

not your mother's christmas roundup...funny christmas

hopefully your sense of humor is like mine (ie…super amazingly awesome.) okay. weird.     best gift. source hands down the best light display EVER. source i don’t do elf on the shelf..but this post makes me want too… best elf on the shelf…for adults. I love this. the movie and the sweater. source this [...]

Christmas crafts to make with Popsicle sticks!

christmas Popsicle stick crafts--a girl and a glue gun

Today i’m over at Sugar bee crafts whipping up some snowflakes from popsicle sticks (My cute cousin made some and they were so cute we had to make some of our own!) but buy those sticks in bulk! There are so many fun crafts you can make with them.. (cue roundup) source source source source [...]

Pinners and advent calendar how to!

front of back of christmas halloween advent calendar with vinyl

Okay…i finally feel like I’ve recovered enough from Pinners to talk about it! ha! okay…it was over a month ago and it was a BLAST! Other than the fact that I decided to punish my feet by wearing “cute shoes” and not “practical shoes” !!! I went down with Daily Craft Vinyl…who I’ve been secretly [...]

Snowman snacks…

snowman snack mix bar

For some reason (okay..olaf reason) I am so diggin on snowman (or snowWoman) this year!   And so…the snowman snack was born. like a trail mix bar–you let each kid have a little bag (you can find cute treat bags at the dollar store!) and then they add a spoonful of whatever they want to [...]

Paint chip christmas garland! kid craft!

paint chip garland

okay..i know paint chips hit was a RAGE a few years ago…basically….everything to anything was made or decorated with them! why? cause they are colorful…and free. But my kids are going to be home for two weeks this christmas break!! two weeks! AND I have to find ways to keep them busy! and these christmas [...]

Do you want to build a snowman–olaf card

frozen card

so…a couple days i posted this fun olaf game…. and after the game was played…i had all these pieces staring at me.   and I totally though…You can make an adorable olaf card!!! just print out these…and cut out… take a card and cut out a window ….then add olaf pieces into a bag and [...]

why soap is the only present you need this Christmas!

soap printables roundup

i was at the mall yesterday. (my bad.) for some reason I thought it would be fun to take the kids in the hustle and bustle. I mean nothing feels more like christmas than standing in some lines. I did at some point tell one or more of my children that if they touched one [...]

Christmas shoutouts!

christmas themed roundup for 2014

I LOVE this time of year. EVERYTHING about it…and I only say that cause my Christmas shopping is 99 % done! ha! I like to do a Christmas themed shoutout every year…(go here for last year and HERE for the year before!) and scroll down to see 2014! enjoy!      hoosier handmade  lolly jane [...]

Do you want to build a snowman? Frozen Olaf game and printable.

olaf game--do you want to build a snowman free printable. a girl and a glue gun

okay. we love olaf. we love warm hugs. and we love frozen! yup..i know you do to0… and you WANT to build a snowman!! I’ve got this super fun game for you all!!! we love it. so much! you can play this a couple different ways! you can print of these….have kids cut out the [...]