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Tree stump centerpiece

tree stump centerpiece

Thank you to FloraCraft® for sponsoring this post! This month for my Floracraft challenge was……. Design it:® Simple Style® Succulent Pick Design it:® Silks & Naturals Desert Foam® Design it:® Floral arrangement kit This floral arrangement kit is amazing…It holds everything you will ever need to make some fun floral arrangements! (Which is good cause […]

25 girl hair styles for toddlers and tweens

25 easy hair styles for toddler tweens and kids

This is a post I’ve been working on ALL summer long.  I like to dabble in hair dos…My daughter has had thick long long long hair since she was 3 years old–so It’s like I’ve had my own little barbie doll to play with!  As my girls have gotten older, they have become opinionated…and never […]

what to do with vinyl scraps round two!

what to do with vinyl scraps round 2

hello! it’s me kim again! and i’m back showing you what to do with those leftover vinyl scraps! if you know ANYTHING about me..you know this: i don’t throw anything away… and since it’s not hoarding if you use it–then you had better use it. cause i don’t want to be famous by being on […]

Shoutout Sunday


I should be mopping the floors Fantastic tutorial! great way to get that rustic look! Homemade interest Twix is my favorite (frozen are the best!) This is going on the must make list! holly and co You know I have a thing for maps! aka design This clock is just awesome! lamberts lately fonts are […]

how to adhere a big piece of vinyl….


okay..so i have talked many a time about using transfer tape. it’s my best friend. it will take all the small images or words you cut out and transfer it over to your project in one shabang. all straight and perfect. instead of peeling and sticking each individual letter. but sometimes i do big projects […]

baby bibs from old t shirts

Picnik collage89

(this was oh…about 3 years ago. It was a guest post..so If you have read agaagg for a good long time you may have seen it…enjoy some craptastic pictures:) I wanted to make something babyish to celebrate amy and her new little one! so i made bibs! i’ve got lots of family..and that usually means […]

Guest post on the crafting chicks today!

garden markers from paint sticks

Hey readers of agaagg! I’m over at the crafting chicks today showing a fun garden craft that is perfect for those kiddos! Head here to see how to recreate these!

decorate plain boring bags.


I have about 45 birthdays in the month of August (okay..slight exaggeration..but it FEELS like 45) and when it’s all said and done…i’m broke!  and you know what always makes me the most mad… spending 3-5 dollars on a gift bag….ON TOP of the price of the present that goes IN the bag. (and most people […]

How to layer Expressions Vinyl


(I’ve been cleaning up my drafts box…..and I found a trove of posts that I pretty much have forgotten about! and so you get to see them this week while I play with my kids on their last week of summer! I recently came into an old football helmet (random..but awesome) turned it into this… […]

sunday shoutouts


damask love I love donuts…and I love this tote bag! two thirty five designs great marquee letters how to! a pumpkin and a princess cutest minion goo ever! two thirty five designs THis room is AMAZING! I love giant arrows! (okay..I love allll arrows.) lil luna this big bow tote bag is adorable! snap blog […]