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Football cupcakes for superbowl treat.

fun and easy superbowl treat--football into ding dongs

buy these:  put on a plate…and you’re done! Okay…for reals..I totally “bake” like this. Remember…this is a judgement free zone… a happy place. but guess what…They didn’t have any of these at my store this year… So instead I bought some ding dongs Remember that horrible time that hostess left us without these babies. fyi….this [...]

heeeeyyy yyooouuuu guuuuuyyyyssss

fun valentine envelopes diy

Hi friends!!! a few things. A. enter my giveaway here and 2. I’m over at Over the Big Moon posting about this: AND at daily craft…it’s a busy day. and c. (or d?) I love you. the end. bam.

Are you ready for some football!? (superbowl game!)

superbowl football game--free printable

yeah..me neither. but it’s coming…so let’s play a game to keep us busy while we wait for the commercials!!! Let’s name the 32 teams!  I am forced to listen to WAY too much football…(I say listen cause i’m usually on Pinterest during games) and I was able to get about 21…. My 9 year old [...]

Jamberry giveaway!!!


Hey my loves!!! I’m having a quick impromptu giveaway!!! I got sent some jamberry the other day in the mail. and oh.my.word. i adore them so much. We had a “girl party” and got all glammed up for Christmas! I was SHOCKED about how easy they were to put on..no drying time (which means you [...]

Birthday printables and a birthday lunch!

birthday sack lunch

I was  born in July…so I never had to go to school on my birthday! But two of my kids have school birthdays (how unfun to go to school ON your birthday!) So I ALWAYS try to make it as special as possible!   AND one of the things I do a special birthday sack [...]

front door signs!


so..i’m over at daily craft vinyl blog…and if any of my neighbors are reading this…this isn’t for YOUR kids. your kids are lovely. It’s for the other kids. the ones that sit on my porch waiting for my kids to finish their chores…and knocking every 5 minutes to see if they are done. But those [...]

valentines art work

valentine heart art for ribbon retreat

hey cute readers? (ironic that i call you cute…cause i’m literally sitting in my pjs with yesterday’s mascara under my eyes and some crusties in my eyes. ) but i’m going to assume that you guys aren’t as lazy as I am…no not lazy…just unmotivated to make myself presentable.   ANYWAYS!!!! I’m over at Ribbon [...]

shoutout sunday

Never Too Old Inspirational Printable by C.S. Lewis

Carolyn’s homework the most ingenious invention EVER! from a wax paper holder! i love me some washi!!! delineate your dwelling what an adorable diy! I love that you can customize the colors!     the crafted sparrow     cutest pillow! i love it all so much!     like the cheese you are a [...]

an inside to my life as a momma.

funny family

Hey! I forgot to post about a guest post! I was over at swag on, momma! sharing a few posts from my family blog! just a little inside to me.

gingham messenger bag

gingham girly messenger bag

–This was a guest post over at Ribbon Retreat!!! I love love love this bag…One of my favorites!!!!     Hi! I’m Kim with a Girl and a glue gun! I got the letter G! I’m sure it has something to do with the three G’s in my blog title! but today I’m unplugging the [...]