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Best Board games for the WHOLE family!

20 of our favorite family friendly games

We are HUGE game playing family! and I’m so excited that my kids are finally out of the candy land game stage! Now we can all play games we all enjoy!!! I’ve got a great roundup of alll the ones we love (my kids are 6 1/2, 9 and 11!) Our awesome library actually rents [...]

–my newest favoritest app–Quick Flics


Hey! I wanted to share my newest favorite app! (You know I don’t like to get all spammy on you..but I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this-I have to share!) Do you take copious amounts of videos and pictures of your kids with your phone (my husband loves that he bought me a $1000 camera and [...]

st. patty’s day Junque bow

st. patrick's day junque bows

So far i have done Junque bows for all the seasons….and since I’m no quitter–I had to finish it off with st. patty’s day!!! They are super fun…great for scraps… You can just add whatever you want and add a little hot glue between each layer to keep them intact….(*i love my adtech glue gun) [...]

visiting teaching handouts

treasure each sister visiting teacher

I got a new calling. 2nd counselor in the Relief society..(over visiting teaching!) I was in a year….and the ward just got split. (BAHH. I’m still so sad over it! boundary changes are no laughing matter.) So over the last year I’ve been slowly compiling this post…but since i’m released by default…I figured now is [...]

My favorite skirt ever!


Me and polka dots have really become bffs. So why not make your own skirt with some fun vinyl polka dots! the Step by step (did I just age myself?) anyways…the step by step instructions are here at Daily Craft Vinyl!

Decorating with pictures—easy diy picture ledges!

you make these easy diy photo ledges for less than $3 a piece

I ADORE this fun series from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke     I pretty much only like to decorate my house with my family pictures. It just makes me so happy seeing their faces and remembering the stories behind each photo! I have a few gallery walls going on in my house…so I knew [...]

photo ledges roundup

photo ledges roundup

tomorrow I have a super fun diy tutorial on how to make these little ledges…they are super fun for packing in loads of pictures…and perfect for a kids room to hold all their books!  And I totally wanted to show you all the fun different ways they can be done and utilized…. cue awesome roundup: [...]

CHA and Marquee letters!

be marquee letters

So. I went to california (if you follow me on instagram (agirlandagluegun) you saw WAY too much of it…. but I was there with Daily craft vinyl to hit up CHA! I saw some AMAZING fun stuff… like spray paint chalk paint (YUP!) (by krylon and Giant washi tape from HAzel and Ruby (buy it [...]

Let’s get organized! new series!!!

let's get organized the closet

Okay…we have a new series…that I wanted to start at the beginning of January…but since i need to take my OWN advice and get organized  it’s coming to you late! (for future reference…every time you see this picture..you MUST sing it…) Here is the jist…I’m going to pick one spot of my house I want [...]

Bedroom Wall….


If you are regular reader of this blog…than you are awesome. and you know my woes of my house. Since it’s my first real house…I have to really decorate it…and I overthink and stress and then hate everything I do. it’s been real fun. i literally lay in bed and plan out crap in my [...]