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jimmy fallon ew

My and my blogger posse have a mild obsession with Jimmy Fallon. and when I say mild I mean extreme horrible obsession that is one step away from stalking.   and I wanted to send them some Valentines… and this just happened one night. Just right click and save to your computer! For a good […]

Throwback Thursday–painted cookie sheet

easy travel game

It’s time for an revamp of an old post-This one is a fun diy–Take an old gross cookie sheet (or a new one from the dollar store) and paint! perfect for car rides! or to study spelling words! Head HERE to see it!  

Geometric wood Heart

heart love

Remember when I made a million and half wood frames?? I’m pretty sure I still have slivers from it. And with those slivers I have a pile of scrap wood–all the small ends–that husband has asked me to chuck. But I’m a hoarder and have to hold onto them. So I’ve been looking for excuses to […]

Nerf storage ideas!

amazing nerf storage ideas

oh. nerf guns. My son has 400. (slight exaggeration) I don’t know what it is about them…but everyone loves them. ‘Cept me. I find those dang mangy bullets EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. I once had a bullet stuck to a ceiling fixture that I couldn’t reach.  and it stayed up there for months. Anyways…. This was in […]

Sports drink wraps

sports drink wraps

My son is in basketball…and you know when you are asked to bring a drink…and you are a crafter. you can’t just BRING a drink. You have to make it festive. They have little sport drinks that are perfect for kids. Lots of fun colors! Just cut off the wrapper and add your own (printables […]

shout out sunday–Valentine Edition!


Valentines boxes This lips shirt is the CUTEST!! Star wars valentines Strawberry brownie bites Scratch off Valentine advent Heart leggings Valentine Luminaries   Be mine artwork Rustic XOXOXOXXOXO! I XOXOXXO them! Yummy Heart shaped pretzels!   Valentine coloring pages     These red rose cupcakes are so cute! heart gloves I want this darling sign […]

Lets talk about my living room.

a girl and a glue gun living room

Let’s chit chat.   My living room has been difficult. I won’t share how many nail holes are in my wall from my indecisiveness. But since it will never be finished (because I’m fun to live with like that…ever changing) I thought I would show you what I’ve got so far. Okay. So I perused […]

Throwback thursday–easy Activity binder!

easy kids activity binder diy

One of my favorite diys–An super easy quiet time activity binder…I mean there is the like the CHEAPEST Ispy bag you have ever seen…and lots of fun ideas that you can fill with it! I call it the sanity saver!  Head HERE To see it all! 

West Manifesto: Giant vinyl wall saying how to!

fun mantras to live by

Yesterday  on Instagram I gave a sneak peak of my living room. And had lots of questions about where I got crap and wall color and about our west manifesto! So I thought it was time to dust off the pictures I took forever ago and post about it! So let’s start with the West […]

Stork Baby present!

pink version

I’ve got another fun and easy baby present idea for you! Stork diaper gift! It’s like a diaper cake…with 1/8 of the work but 100% of the cuteness! You just need a blanket (a nice swaddle one would be perfect) and a package of diapers in you size of choice! I wrapped the diapers with […]