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put your feet up and relax gift and printable–hostess present

put your feet up and relax hostess gift

I am in constant need of thank you gifts. constant. leeeee. I literally have no thank you cards…and i buy them all the time. I must be a needy friend or something! But I pulled together this great gift that is perfect for ANYONE and anything! If they host thanksgiving, or just bringing you dinner, [...]

pinners baby!!!!

christmas advent

I am so beyond BEYOND nervous….happy…but nervous for PINNERS conference!  !  I have a classroom to fill…..and i’m afraid it’s going to me…and maybe two people…(and those two people would be related to me!!!)  YOU HAVE TO COME TO MY CLASS!!!   Wait…let me jump back! It’s in Salt lake city…I’m traveling 3 hours…so you can [...]

potion bottles diy

diy potion bottles with kids

so the other day (after I made the spell book) my kids wanted to make a potion bottle. and the potion bottle bar was made! I just laid out all random supplies (that don’t spoil) for them to use! some stuff from the dollar store (ping pong balls drawn into eyeballs…and spiders) and a bunch [...]

Diy Spell book

unnamed (23)

omylantas.  I got a text the other day from my cousin. Showing this fun picture: so fetching cute right??? I totally was impressed. Loved it. But then as she sent more pictures with explanations my mind was…BLOWN!!! I thought she bought these adorable spells and potions books…but they are all diy!!! So. Here’s the scoop. [...]

shout out sundays

hoop-art-aka-design (1)

    sundat shoutouts are up. i’m going to omit me going through and commenting beneath each picture…cause i’m tired. and lazy #itsbeenaweek. It.has.been.a.week. and usually when a shiztastic week ends I look forward to a new one…but the outlook of crap to do for this upcoming week is looking the same. #illsleepwhenimdead.  #ilovehashtags.   [...]

Halloween stenciled decor with royal design studios!~

royal designs wall stencil for halloween

I scored this royal design stencil free to blog about..as always…my opinions are my own! Ah! I’m so stinkin sad that halloween is almost here! I have so much more that I want to blog about!!! Today I have a fun stenciled wall art and table runner! I got this fun stencil… you can get [...]

bloody pancakes

bloody pancakes--agirlandagluegun.com

these bloody pancakes are the easiest things to make! totally gross and gruesome and I don’t’ know why bloody things are something I totally love this year! you just use THIS recipe also known as…. It’s hands down the yummiest stuff to put in your stomach. I would drink it…if it weren’t for the 2 [...]

Spider web frame

make your own spider web with string

So. I scored this awesome spider (go here) from the adorable Jill Bauer (catch her on QVC You’re home with Jill!) It has bendable legs…and it freaky…and awesome (aka freaking awesome)   We played with it quite a bit…having it climb up the mantel…on the front door…even wearing it like a hat! But I knew the spider [...]

Out of treats free printable

out of treats printable

hey. it happens. we are all human. (and sometimes….just sometimes. we eat more treats than we pass out. ) and then there is none left to share. So instead of having your doorbell ring for the rest of the night while you hide out in your dark house… just print one of these and and [...]

How to throw an EASY Halloween party on the CHEAP!!!!

throw a halloween party for cheap! easy and fun ideas that won't break the bank!

hey. 9 months until my birthday. in case anyone was wondering. I love halloween…but hot dang. I really hate spending money. so I love when I can create a whole party for cheap…I’ve put together a really fun roundup of great ideas to make your halloween bash AMAZING…while keeping money in your pocket!!!    these [...]