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bloody pancakes

bloody pancakes--agirlandagluegun.com

these bloody pancakes are the easiest things to make! totally gross and gruesome and I don’t’ know why bloody things are something I totally love this year! you just use THIS recipe also known as…. It’s hands down the yummiest stuff to put in your stomach. I would drink it…if it weren’t for the 2 [...]

Spider web frame

make your own spider web with string

So. I scored this awesome spider (go here) from the adorable Jill Bauer (catch her on QVC You’re home with Jill!) It has bendable legs…and it freaky…and awesome (aka freaking awesome)   We played with it quite a bit…having it climb up the mantel…on the front door…even wearing it like a hat! But I knew the spider [...]

Out of treats free printable

out of treats printable

hey. it happens. we are all human. (and sometimes….just sometimes. we eat more treats than we pass out. ) and then there is none left to share. So instead of having your doorbell ring for the rest of the night while you hide out in your dark house… just print one of these and and [...]

How to throw an EASY Halloween party on the CHEAP!!!!

throw a halloween party for cheap! easy and fun ideas that won't break the bank!

hey. 9 months until my birthday. in case anyone was wondering. I love halloween…but hot dang. I really hate spending money. so I love when I can create a whole party for cheap…I’ve put together a really fun roundup of great ideas to make your halloween bash AMAZING…while keeping money in your pocket!!!    these [...]

Halloween Junque bows

halloween junque bows

ribbon hoarders. this one is for you. I love these bows….cause they use up all those little ribbon pieces you just can’t seem to throw away. They are so simple…and they only rhyme and reason you have is CUTENESS!!! And maybe a color scheme… Just lay them all out…layering pieces of this and that and [...]

Halloween button crafts roundup

Halloween button craft roundup

so…the other day I whipped up a fall card… and decided to use buttons as pumpkins (even though they look more like a tangerine.) and the buttons were out …and my kid made this fun pumpkin shape one… and then I remembered how much I love buttons.. and how I one time did a roundup [...]

$300 amazon gift card GIVEAWAY!!


I love celebrating birthdays! This week Alli from Cupcake Diaries is turning 30. (that was a hard birthday for me!)  And to celebrate, I’m teaming up with her and some of my other blogger friends to give away a $300 Amazon gift card! I’m so excited about this giveaway!! Amazon is such a great way [...]

halloween candy skewers

halloween candy skewers-fun treat! a girl and a glue gun

Okay. I made these for Valentines day…and then Easter. but these gross skewers are my favorite! most of this candy can be found at the dollar store (like the thumbs, gummy worms, taffy…and bottom eyeballs) but once you put in your head gross things that can be skewered…there are so many things! These would be [...]

Halloween pixelated shirt with glow in the dark fabric paint

pix-elated glow in the dark shirt for halloween

This post is written as part of a sponsored campaign with The Blueprint Social and Tulip. all opinions are my own! I love wearing halloween costumes! I love to go allllll out. But we literally have about 7 different halloween functions each october and when you are painting your face for each one it can [...]

Painted pumpkins!

pumpkins with faces no carve!

I do odd crafty jobs around my town…window painting, office decorating…and most recently…painting pumpkins for a dentist to hand out to other dentists….. they were so fun!!! I used regular craft paint and then made sure spray them with a clear sealer spray paint cause it can scratch off ( also glittered them up too…cause [...]