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Outdoor decorating with Make it Fun®

succulent holder planter

This month’s fun Floracraft® theme was Outdoor decorating…with   FloraCraft® Make It:Fun® Foam Sheets FloraCraft® Styroglue®  FloraCraft® StyroCutter® plus FloraCraft® Foam Connectors FloraCraft® Smooth Finish I came up with this succulent holder…that doubles as a party treat holder! to make: I found a cup that was small enough and just traced circles.   and used [...]

Expressions Vinyl fruity hair bows.

apple hairbow

Today I was given the challenge of coming up with something fruity…made with vinyl! So it became….fruit hair bows! I love hair bows…mostly cause they are cheap, fast and use my hot glue gun! (go here to see all of my past tutorials!) Vinyl and ribbon are two peas in a pod….and I didn’t even [...]

Stuff you should know about your dishwasher with an awesome deal on Finish® at Walmart!

Stuff you should know about your dishwasher

Random confession. I grew up in a house without a dishwasher…! I know… You are shocked. So when we had to do dishes…we did dishes. No rinsing and putting things in the dishwasher—it was manual labor. Scrubbing and dishpan hands and hot water, and gross food. It was not my favorite chore. (For the record…no [...]

Skirting the Issue: the utility skirt

utility skirt diy

So this is my third year (I think) doing Skirting the issue with my favoritest people Simple simon and co. (In a nutshell, skirting the issue is making and donating skirts to girls in foster care!  You can go here to see how and where you can donate!  and I’m here to show you a [...]

Wood chip necklace guest post

geometric necklace

Hey friends! today I’m over at Skip to my Lou….I’ve got a super fun kids crafts–Head over HERE to see the fun and easy how to! 

Balloon present and roundup

balloon roundup 20 fun ways to use them for birthday and parties

It’s unofficial birthday week–and no birthday is complete without some fun balloons!!! (go here to see my birthday fun posts!)   first…>I have a super fun balloon post coming up soon with this baby…  You can buy these at Walmart–and they are really affordable! I love having a Balloon time Helium tank–I can just blow [...]

Birthday bouquet of candy

fun birthday idea

You know what the best present is… candy. It’s a miracle I don’t weigh 400 pounds. and since I love candy I thought candy would be a super fun gift to give… And everything needs to be pretty–make it into a bouquet! Take a floracraft ball…(I used a 6 inch one) AND chop in half. [...]

Crepe Paper roundup

over 20 fun things to do with crepe paper

I love using crepe paper–it’s cheap, comes in lots of fun colors and you can create so many fun things! like…. Flowers made out of crepe paper unravel it and use it as a fun box filler. wrap up gifts inside … make a fun door hanger Or whip up some confetti Use them to [...]

Party in a box

birthday present to send in the mail

This is a fun present for people to send in the mail! I keep wanting to call it Birthday in a box…but really… you should be able to have a party anytime you want! So if you have someone that is feeling blue or needs a pick me up…send them this fun package! and everything [...]

birthday banner printables

birthday banner

It’s my birthday week (yes week…we milk it at this house) I’m sharing fun birthday stuff all week! Today is this fun birthday banner! just print and cut!  perfect for any party…. or party box just right click and save to your computer