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Chore sticks

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l always get so excited for summer–because summer might mean sunshine, flip flops, and Popsicle sticks–but I associate summer with CHORES! I don’t like lazy kids–and if I don’t give my kids a few chores–they will sit around all summer long! So each summer I come up with a new chore system (I find if I change it up often the kids are –I won’t say excited–but not so bored with it!)

So this summer is chore sticks! (Make sure to scroll down to see all my past chore ideas!) Each day they have to pick a stick and accomplish it before they can ask to do anything (like ride their bikes or play with friends) If they want to earn more privileges (extra screen time or money to go to the movies) They can draw extra sticks!

I used some printable vinyl from Expressions Vinyl –But you can also use sticker paper from Silhouette cameo–and I used the print and cut option for my Silhouette Cameo (If you need help with print and cut go here!)

It just makes it so easy to peel up and stick right on the sticks!

BUT you can totally just print this up and cut out and glue onto the popsicle sticks!

I included my list of chores–you can omit any that doesn’t fit. The dust furniture down and dust furniture up are for downstairs and upstairs. I also threw in some blank ones so you can create your own! I also have a mom choice–which is my favorite one!

You can grab the printables here (and if you are using silhouette you can click here and it will open right up in your studio!)

free printable

and if you need more fun chore ideas (you can use the word “fun” in whatever capacity you want!)

The Token system

Magnet Chore chart

Clipboard To Do list

Chore Board with clothespins

Mom Clean Printable

Daily To Do

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