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our summer system to keep my kids from killing each other….hopefully.

Hello, my name is inigo montoya kim west and I’m addicted to chore charts.

chore chart

really. This is about my 7th here on the blog.

maybe cause i’m dumb.

maybe cause I assume my kids are the same as me.

small attention spans. I mean new stuff is fun and you are excited to play with and then something shiny and Ishould eat some lunch.

so I usually make a chore chart for the summer…or SOMETHING for the summer.  I love summer.

not so much the 24 hours unplugged with my kids.

I love my kids.

just not all of them together.

anyways: here is our summer system:


chore chart

here’s the jist.

caught being good…they get a token:


yup..just spray painted poker chips i scored at thrift store.

and i sat down and made a list of crap my kids wanted–and priced them according to my whims (tokens are about 5=$1 ish)


now…hopefully this teaches them…you can spend your money and fast and get crap that breaks…or they can save up for  long term and get something awesome. (and aka…we have a dollar movie theater…)

BUT. if i catch them A. whining

B. fighting

C. yelling

D. punching

C. hitting

B. bickering


wait..i’m back at a again.

anyways. i catch them being anything less than angels–i say, grab a stick.

uh oh sticks

the sticks are filled with chores i don’t want to do to teach them hard work and responsibility.


if they whine about getting a stick. They get another stick.

I love these sticks.

alrighty..the how to (the cans are just chinese noodles..but you can use baby formula or oats or hot chocolate canisters. you can even use glass jars (I love glass jars) I just didn’t want the kids to sneak a peek at the chores.

go these from walmart for less than $3.

the silhouette studio has an oval shape rectangle with rounded edges…you can stretch it out the size of the sticks and then when you click on it has the red dots that you can round off the corners as much as you want… Capture8y

i filled the page with sticks (registration marks are on!) then i typed up the chores and printed them….(in case you didn’t know–silhoutte studio has a print and cut option. you can design something and print it out then load it in your cameo and it will cut around it.) (and it’s awesome)


just make sure you are cutting where you want–(see how the words are gray and not red anymore–they are no cut!)


thenyou just glue them onto the sticks!

(you can see the fun print of the paper!!–and my ink was running out….)


PicMonkey Collage jars

so far I’ve had my front door wiped down and the upstairs dusted. this system is awesome.

chore chart system

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