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chore board with free printables!

EVERY summer I come up with a game plan to keep my kids from sitting on their butts. It’s kinda an obsession….my kids hate it…but I LOVE IT!

There was the day by day printables  chore-chart-free-printables-666x1000

the sticks and point system chore-chart-768x1024 a spinner to pick which kid


the laminated version


magnetic fridge version


and the clipboard version


here is version 2015

chore board with free printables Here’s the ways you can implement it:

You can pick and choose which chores you want your kids to do each day and add them to their clothespin….

Or the way I’m doing it is they get to choose everyday which one they want to do. If one of the kids has dog poop on their clothespin they can’t pick it. and once it’s been used it doesn’t go back on the board until all the chores have been done.

And of course I had to include everyday chores (the homework is workbooks that the teacher has sent home that still have pages in them)

and we have an upstairs and downstairs and so there are arrows on some–and everyone has to unload their own trash.

and  just right click and save to your computer!
chores 2 chores 3 chores 4 chores one everyday chores

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