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Silhouette Love: How to use print and cut with the cameo

A new silhouette love video is up! How to use the print and cut with the silhouette cameo! It’s such a fun feature that you will for sure love…ONCE You learn how to use it!

Print and cut will cut out around things you have printed–save your scissors and energy! We are diying some stickers!

I do have all these stickers for free for you to practice with! The Link is here! 

The Links to all the fun things you can use with the print and cut:

White Sticker Paper

Clear Sticker paper

Kraft Sticker paper 

Gold Sticker paper

Glow in the dark sticker paper

Printable adhesive Cardstock

Holographic sticker paper 

Tattoo paper

Printable adhesive from EV (what I used in the video)

Printable HTV (you can see the how to here)

A whole awesome bundle of supplies! 




the video! ENJOY!

The printer I am using is THIS ONE! I really like it. Plus it’s blue. Plus it’s small and fits on my desk.

Just a close up of some of the items you can use with this feature!

You can also do this print and cut with htv! You can grab some printable HTV here! 

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