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chores. cause i’m a mean mom.


apparently I’m the meanest mom in the whole wide world (quote unquote)

cause i don’t let my kids waste their summer by sitting on the couch.

(gasp. my wart on my nose grows bigger each day)

I just don’t like idleness.

I also don’t like them acting like it’s MY RESPONSIBILITY to entertain them

or to keep their room cleans.

I also don’t like bad breath.

and my kids will NOT brush my teeth without me telling them too.

which is gross.

responsible children

So…two months ago I made up chore charts (and just getting around to sharing #awesomeness #not)

chore chart free printables

 there is a list that is stuff that has to be done EVERYDAY! like hygiene.

everyday (check dishwasher means I have a sign and when it says clean they need to unload it) (they each pick a part. top, bottom and utensils)

and I do laundry randomally as needed…they help pull it out of the dryer and sort into piles and then each kids has to put their own piles away (I help the 6 year old hang up the clothes in the closet) but she puts away everything else)

and then I broke down each day was a specific thing…like vacuuming and dusting and whatnot.



I also didn’t want them to fall behind in school work…so i included journal writing, writing letters or thank you notes, and when the kids came home from school with extra pages that weren’t completed in their workbooks…i saved these and they get to do a page.

(see…meanest mom.)

smartest kids…but meanest mom.


(FYI: amore is our dog)

I  am BIG on chores. anything to lighten my load…and teach my kids a little responsiblilty (let me tell you…the first time my 10 year old cleaned the bathroom, she was like, “who left this toilet paper sitting here? who didn’t wash their toothpaste down the sink!” she totally cared and realized that a clean house doesn’t grow on trees.



here a great reference if you need help with age appropriate chores:
chores for kids age appropriate

left                    middle                right

I also did a checklist to help them make sure they did their chores properly ( I walked them through them the first time so they knew not to spray the entire bottle of pledge on my table (true story)



cleaning charts BATHROOM dusting downstairs

and dusting upstairs DUSTING UP (the names are a reminder of who has mirrors that need cleaning)

cleaning checklist chore


we also use the uh oh jar for any sassyness /fighting that abounds! (each stick has a chore on it–caught being bad you have to pick one!)



(and here’s the printables if you want to join the mean mom tribe.






thursday2 friday2 saturday2 DUSTING WINDOWS FREE PRINTABLES


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