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Is it “mom” clean…bedroom checklist printables!

Do your kids “clean” their room–and then when you walk in there you realize their idea of clean and your idea of clean are two ENTIRELY different things???
kid clean versus mom clean Kids version of clean means you clear some empty spots on the dresser and move all the clothes onto the closet floor and make sure you have a walking room from the bed to the door. See…here’s her desk. This is kid clean. Because she has room to color on it. Not exactly my version of clean…
dresser So I came up with a checklist to have the kids run through to get their room up to mom standards!

free cleaning printable for kids

I’m going to laminate it then they can just use a dry erase marker to mark it off.  I love love love this laminator!


They are in charge of cleaning their rooms everyday. But I do go in there once a week to help clean out all the “treasures” they need to keep–like this “ring”. I weed out papers and help dejunk it.  sucker I added the printables down below. There are some blank ones to add your own chores if you want!

I wanted to to tell you a little secret to keep kids from getting completely overwhelmed when cleaning! Break it up. If your kid goes into a completely trashed room they aren’t going to know where to start!  I like giving them mini chores. I tell them, I only want you to clean up your littlest pet shops toys. When she finishes that…I give her another mini chore.  So these printables are great to make them “toy specific!” Here is my sons–
mom clean 2s get your kids to clean their rooms by themselves--without getting overwhelmed with free printable! mom clean checklist
mom clean 4 mom clean blank mom clean printable 2

great kids printables to help them keep their room organized and clean up to mom standards-- a girl and a glue gun This post may contains affiliate links!

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