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throwback thursday–do you doodle book?

this is one of my children’s favoritest things…

a do you doodle notebook

doodle book

I made one for my niece HERE (as well as a cute what do you see notepad where I draw a squiggle line and she has to turn it into something…

I made a bunch of printables for you…you just need to slice and dice and glue to the bottom of a sketch pad (I get mine at DOLLAR STORE!!)


There are a few ones that you could add a starter image….
finish this picture

doodle 3

doodle book with free printables

and here’s all the printables for you!

free printables

The covers: dooble book 4 doodle book 6 doodle book boy doodle book girls and the ideas!  doodle ideas

do you doodle printable

doodle ideas for notebook

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