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the complete roundup of kids crafts and activites for summer

the complete and ultimate summer roundup to keep your kids entertained for the summer!

I had to postpone shout out sunday to put on an AWESOME KIDS CRAFTS giveaway (go HERE to enter if you haven’t yet!!!)

So I’m posting my roundup today! It’s Chalk full of fun activities, games and crafts to do with our kids…. frozen summer

summer survival week

nature art MG_0219-e1365300484827

splatter painting with rubber bands b29a0eeca59677f1e72a8e4efc8c2a30

fun photo prompts from snap


cute pony beads lizards from sugar bee diy pony bead lizard tutorial pattern

Beach Ball Cookie Recipe, Pool Party Food 2

diy  bouncy ball from 36th avenue


create some fun shirts with sponges (great for family reunions!)


or..put on a white shirt and go on a paint slip and slide!!!


 a fun printable summer bucket list summerbucketlist

paint some rocks


painted rocks roundup pendulum painting


dino fossils! DINO4

make some giant bubbles

giant bubbles


or tiny bubbles


have a bit of fun with sidewalk chalk


bug kit by 733  BUG-KIT (1)

make some ooey gooeyness roundup of all things ooey gooey and gross--that kids will LOVE

this glow in the dark game would be so fun!


splatter painting is perfect for an outside activity

splatter painting

pony fish craft!!!


sidewalk paint

tp snakes


paint some magic wands from sticks


create your own drive in movie


make a mud monster mud-monster-kids-craft

 diy some slushies! (it really works!!) IMG_3866 (1)

decorate some flip flops! (go here for the tutorial)

craft flip flops painters


and after you get done decorating…you can put on some water balloons for a fun pop!!! (source)



you can go HERE for fun water balloon roundup!


fun stick animals Stick Animal kids craft 1

if it’s too hot…here’s an AMAZING roundup of card games!

40-Games-Kids-Can-Play-With-a-Deck-of-Cards-Delia-Creates0529 make a fun ball run…

DSC00669 pin

ice chalk

ice chalk 6

sunprints are perfect activity for lazy summer days! 2013-05-15-allen_summer_crafts_for_kids_sun_prints_1

a bike car wash 0949eada7840f26a65266696b0c57c70



cork boats from no biggie


race them down a tin foil stream

have fun decorating your bikes and then have a fun bike parade!


dinosaurs fossil by lil luna


shaving cream slide! my kids would love this


make some bow and arrows


get creative with ice building blocks

ice building blocks

make your own sprinkler


shaving cream paint from having fun at home


 craft you own wind chime with cans

wind chime

you can go HERE to find over 20 awesome outdoor games to play with the kids this summer!!

over 20 outdoor summer games to keep your kids active!

 GIANT  foam bubble blowing (source)


throw around some  sponge bombs inner child fun


customize some bubble blowers e9cac2c350b46696f4664eb60b0cb071 ice painting down a slide!

slide paint cubes (4)

fun summer activities

summer activities shoutouts fun kid art projects kid crafts for summer

here’s even more kids crafts:

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