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Outdoor games to play in SUMMER – keep those kids active!

3 weeks into summer I feel like all my kids want to do is escape the heat and play on their {insert electronic device}.

So here is a whole fun list of fun games that will get your kids up and moving!!!!

over 20 outdoor summer games to keep your kids active!

Outdoor games to play in SUMMER

frozen t-shirt race

Frozen t-shirt race

this was such a fun game. grab one t-shirt per player. soak with water. squeeze out and fold up.

place wax paper in between shirts and put in freezer.

when frozen– pass them out. first person who can unfold shirt and put it on wins!!!!
frozen t-shirt game

(took about 10 minutes to “break open” and get it on!!!


abc scavenger hunt


paper plate with the abcs around the edge. (cut notches) Kids take a walk. When they see something that starts with that letter (bird..b) they get to place the b done.


pass the water

pass the water (summer game) all you need for this one is cups! you stand in a line…and the first person has the cup that is filled with water. going over their head they have to pour the water behind them for the next person to catch in their cup. repeat repeat repeat until the water is gone!

my kids started on one side of the fence…and after they would pour the water would run and get back in line. they made it all the way across the yard to the other side of the fence (and had about 1/4 cup water left!!!)

(this would make a great relay race!!!)


lawn twister tumblr_lwqmvwSubk1qgef94o1_1280 paint some circles on the yard and get our your twister spinner


I’ve also seen this version…with colored shaving cream!!! so fun!



frozen men sliders

frozen men

the night before…place some superheros in water and freeze….

freeze in cups

we made a ramp and raced them down…the melting ice keeps them sliding…

ice sliders

You can also do a race to see who can melt their ice men the fastest. (without throwing it or breaking it)

I also love this idea from I am momma hear me roar



make this fun ping pong stand and shoot them with water guns! 6c48f1f192c4d5babfc06ebacb05c0bd


this cheetoh toss is too much fun ss_101908524_w

fill up hats with shaving cream and throw cheetohs into it to stick. (you could also cover a ball with shaving cream)


Water transfer:

water transfer--fun summer games

you just need big spoons, a bucket of water and a bowl for each person.


water transfer


ice bowling

Ice Bowling - DIY Bowling Game with Ice (6)

fill up a water balloon with water and food coloring and freeze. then use it as your bowling ball!!!


oversized memory game



Balloon POP

Balloon Pop outdoor games

you need some balloons…and a magnifying glass.

you Pop the balloon by using the sun through the magnifying glass to burn a hole. (like you would burn wood. or ants)

if you pop an air filled balloon…it will make a pop sound.

if you pop a water balloon..it just makes a slow leak.

we raced to see who could get the water out of the balloon the fastest!


10 fun games with glow sticks!!!


so many fun games to play with glow sticks! this would make the funnest 4th of july games while you are waiting for the fireworks to start!


whoever rolls a 6 gets to splash the pan and soak everyone! (source) 6andsplashfinal


frisbee toss

frisbee toss

we have a pile of rocks that we grabbed from to make a big circle…then we threw in our frisbee to practice our aim. You could also do this with water balloons, pennies, shoes, whatever you have on hand!


race some boats from i heart naptime

summer fun


water balloon toss


(just buckets from the dollar store or dollar section at target)


car race

car race summer game for kids

just a squirt gun (or squirt bottle) and a hot wheels.

supplies for car race

using the force of the water race your cars to the finish line!!!!


fun balloon boppers from crafting in the rain!


car washing sponge and paint stick! how fun!



make a marble run race with a pool noodle!



football target but throw water balloons instead! DSC02420


if it’s too hot outside…check out this fun list of things to do inside with household items! indoor-games-for-kids-boredoom-buster-1024x880

  summer survival week