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shout out sunday summer fun edition

so it’s summer…..

you may have noticed cause it’s warm.


or that fact that i’m horrible about posting recently.

and i’m only slightly sorry. the sunshine calls to me.

so i thought i would dedicate this shout out sunday to a summer fun edition!!!

sunshine on…

summer activities shoutouts


The Water Blob_thumb[2]


this looks ridiculously fun, like i hop i don’t pop it cause i’m gonna try it.


play create explore



annnd i’m going to try this too…

mama to 4 blessings

4-3-12 009


what a clever clever idea…make your own little pool at the beach!

reading confetti

ice chalk 6


it’s hot today. this would be PERFECT!!!

 skip to my lou

view make this amazing water scope to peek under the water…


sugar bee crafts

how to make a play bow and arrow


this is something i think my son would love…but then i’m pretty sure my girls would adore it too!

 i love my classroom


homemade ice cream…in a bag…delicious.

hillbilly jillies


do a little jackson pollack action….my kids love anything with paint!


i am momma hear me roar



this is a fun idea…freeze some toys and let the kids get them out of a big block of ice!!!

hearth song



okay..this reminds me of minute to win it…think kleenex boxes and a bean bags… the person with the most in their bum box loses!

design dazzle


so many glow stick ideas! my kids would flip!!!





how about a little pool scrabble?

eighteen 25



sometimes when it gets too hot you got to stay inside and make some bangles…

and same goes for this silly sludge


i heart naptime Untitled-004

yup. going to do this one too…

making memories with your kids


i love this. it’s the cheap man’s sprinkler.

 northwest edible life



stinking cute! my kids would love painting the x and o’s!

my sister’s suitcase



love this idea too!!!! perfect for outdoors. i would imagine it might get messy!

the craft nest



this is perhaps my favorite. shower curtain. shower curtain rings. hula hoop. all 3 can be bought at the dollar store. awesomesauce!


and if you need more inspiration…go HERE and HERE  and HERE(this one is my pinterest board)

and HERE

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