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wind chime–kid craft

tomorrow i will participating in design dazzle’s kids summer camp again.
so i thought today i would repost the post i posted last year for their summer camp post. post.
it’s a tin can wind chime…hand painted and decorated by my kiddos…
we gathered together some cans

I spray painted them all cause frankly…we love color!

(this is a baked bean can, a green bean can, a cream of mushroom can, like 4 spaghettios and meatballs, and a condensed milk. (this is about a weeks worth of cans for my house)
then the kids got to take a hammer and a big nail and put a hole in the very top of each one…
need some cheap entertainment? give you kid a piece of wood and some nails. my kids love to hammer stuff.
and then it was time to decorate!!!!
we use apple barrel paint:
then i sealed it with some clear spray paint cause the wind chime are going outside and with this crazy idaho weather it needed a little protection!
I found this metal circle thing (it used to be the top of lamp shade that got destroyed) and spray painted that too…
(i was originally going to use a crochet hoop so if you don’t have a spare lamp that will work too!)
to assemble:
I got some thin rope and melted the ends and stuck them down the hole…
tied a knot so it wouldn’t come out
then i tie them to the hoop
as i tie them around the circle lamp thing i make sure that each string is longer than the one before…

(this is my son’s bumblebee)

then hang


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