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RED white and BLUE

I’ve teamed up with 100 bloggers to showcase all red white and blue projects!!!!Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue final logo (2)

such an awesome idea! after you check out my post…scroll to the bottom to snoop around and check out all the other awesome red white and blue ideas!!!!  I made some fun 4th of july table decoration/utensils holder 4th of july mason jars

these are so easy and will really festive up your 4th of july table! I spray painted them first and then added the white with tole paint.

spray painted mason jar flag

I distressed them too…cause I feel like distressed was made for me…Like..hey don’t worry about that paint that came off..you can just sand it down and act like you MEANT for it to happen….! closeup of distressed painted mason jar

I got red white and blue utensils at the dollar store. So this whole thing cost me about $6! (including jars and paint!) You could totally use just old spaghetti sauce jars or other glass jars you had to cut down on cost! red white and blue mason jars

I even got these cute pinwheels from the dollar store too!!! red white and blue painted flag mason jar

you can also use it as a fun centerpiece with some flowers! patriotic vase out of mason jar

painted mason jars

 we also all teamed up on a pinterest board…check that out here



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