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fourth of july STAR hair!

I occasionally  impress myself and others by doing my kids hair all fancy like..

very rare occasions.

sometimes I impress myself that I remind them to brush their hair before we leave the house.

sometimes I’m just impressed my kids are clothed.


anyways…here’s a REALLLy easy way to get festive for the fourth of July! fourth of July star hair


you will need some small rubberbands…you will split the hair into 3 parts….top and sides and leave the rest hanging down… star hair how to

make sure the sides are more towards the top than the middle!

Split the top into two braids. Split the one of the sides into two braids. Take ONE of the braids from the side and cross over to the other side. tie it that side.
star hair do how to 2 then braid ONE braid on that side (incorporating the ends of the crossed over braid.)

Then part the remaining hair down the middle and pull into a low ponytail (i think it’s easier to move the braids out of hte way and just add them right before you add the rubber band. You will take one braid from the top and one  braid from the opposite side. hair how to 5 thus making a STAR!!!! cute hair for the fourth of july

make sure to throw on a cute junque bow!

junque bows with star hair you can make festive patriotic fourth of  July star hair

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