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Rose Apothecary Cut File for Schitts Creek fans

This rose Apothecary cut file is for all you Schitt’s Creek fans! Make a totally cool shirt that only real fans will get!    This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. If you are looking to sale […]

Melted Crayon Art

Kids will adore this melted crayon art! Watching it slide across the paper to create amazing pictures will be a crowd-pleaser for sure!    I am going to start with a disclaimer. You are using a heat source to melt crayons. It is hot. Please use extra caution when attempting this melted crayon art. Protect […]

Mess free paint project for kids

Little kids and paint can sometimes be a mess! This mess-free paint project for kids is so much fun and no paint in their hair!  These works of art or totally fun to make! A combination of paint and slime and kids will create wonderful masterpieces! Add in a handprint or a fun vinyl quote […]

4 ways to make 3D flowers

 4 ways to make 3D flowers. Grab some paper and scissors and let’s create some hand cut floral bouquets that will last forever! Today’s project is so cool! 4 different flowers to make out of paper (or felt) These are hand cut and really easy! So easy that kids can do it too! Here is […]

Craft Room tour

Come sneak a peak inside my favorite place. This craft room tour shows off where and what I store in all my nooks and crannies! I’ll even show you how I made my desk and shelves!  This post is a long time coming! I have been wanting to film it and photograph it for a […]

Life Skills Checklist Printable

A fun life skills checklist printable to ensure you are teaching your kids all the know hows they need to learn before they leave the nest!  When it came down that our school would be closing-  I knew I wanted to put together a list of skills I wanted my kids to learn! My daughter […]

Handprint craft with printable

A cool way to memorialize this crazy time in our lives! Handprint craft with printable! A great way to remember allllll this time we spent together!  This is a super easy and cute diy that anyone can do! and I’m offering free printables down below to mount your hands onto! How to make a handprint […]

Make a Rainbow Mobile

This rainbow mobile actually moves! Watch the colorful layers swing around.  Kids will adore this totally cool craft project!   This rainbow mobile has everything kids love! Beads, paint, bubble wrap and it moves! This fun project is part of my kids craft camp! 30 fun projects kids and parents will love to do!    What […]

How to make a God’s Eye yarn craft.

Do you know how to make a God’s Eye? It’s a weaving technique that looks super neat when it’s all done! And guess what? It’s way easy! Grab some yarn and sticks and let’s make one! If you are wanting to save this post for later- you can pin this image! In case you didn’t […]

Fun Art Challenges for kids to try!

So many ways to explore some extra creativity! These fun art challenges are perfect for kids and adults to stretch their imaginations!  I have a whole bunch of super cool fun art challenges that kids will have a blast with! It helps them use left brain/right brain! Draw with both hands at the same time […]

Social Distancing Gift Idea with free printable

Spread a little love during this crazy time with a social distancing printable! Cute gift idea to brighten someone’s day!    Just because we are currently quarantined…does not mean we can’t spread some love! I came up with a cute little free printable that you can slap on a gift card, treats or even some […]

Spinning marker art- kids craft

This spinning marker art is mesmerizing to watch! Run markers over the twirling paper and colorful magic happen! Kids will love making this craft! This is a kids craft- but make sure you are using adult supervision around the spinning power drill! But as long as you are careful, this project will be so darn […]

Floral cut files and printables

Grab these floral cut files and printables to create some gorgeous projects! 5 different designs to play around with!   Every time I doodle up some flowers on my instagram ,  I get asked to share the technical how to. I’ve been working on a fun video to show you…but in the meantime, I wanted […]

Make your own stickers

My kids are obsessed with stickers- so today we are going to make your own stickers! Kids will love seeing their designs and doodles on their notebooks and water bottles! And it’s easier than you think! I don’t know if you have seen a kid’s water bottle lately–but they are usually covered with stickers! So […]