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25 of my favorite things at Hobby Lobby


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hobby Lobby. The opinions and text are all mine.

Hi! I’m Kimbo! I blog at A girl and a glue gun and if you follow me on Instagram then you might know…I have a love affair with Hobby Lobby! I try to make it there at least once a week!

Our store has been open for over a year and it’s so big that I still stumble upon some awesome finds that I didn’t know were there! So today I thought I would share my top 25 favorite Hobby Lobby finds!



Every end cap has letters! So many options. Metal, wood, finished, unfinished, big, small! I love putting fun words together either using all the same letters…



or mixing it up for a different look!


(this was acutally a sign at Hobby Lobby…but look how cute all the random letters look together!)



I have to have a visual aid of my life! I need to write down all the Volleyball games, basketball practices and ortho appointments where we call can see them! So I love these fun giant calendars!




If you haven’t been down the knob aisle…your life is not complete. A knob for every color and style you can think of! It’s better than Disneyland!

We have put these on boards to hang our jewelry, scarves, as an apron rack and even a towel rack! (and of course you could use them on dressers and cabinets!)



This is a bit weird…but I stumbled upon this fun floral hammer in the upholestry section and I LOVE IT! I love cute girly things. EXTRA BONUS–If you have have gotten in the string art trend..this little hammer is perfect for hammering all those nails!






No matter what Holiday…I love going through the aisles! They have so much fun festive decorations (and gift wrap and craft items and paper products!) Everything you possibly need! (bonus points because they put it out really early and as a blogger I craft about 3 months before the holiday! )

This is the snowman I just bought!






Vinyl blanks are blank items that you can add vinyl (adhesive and heat transfer too!) and Hobby Lobby has so many options! Cute and cheap shirts in so many colors and styles

Blank Pillows, aprons, hats, tote bags, wood signs, glassware, cups—So many fun things to get your creativity on! (and you don’t have to necessarily use vinyl-these shirts are fun to tie dye and embellish however you want! )

Do you recognize this cute little dress? Here is what I did with it!


I also bought this unfinished  pumpkin from Hobby Lobby


I am obsessed with these letterboards! They are so fun to put quotes and funny sayings or to write happy birthday! I have two ..and reaalllly think I need the green and pink to round out my collection! 




you can see how to get fun colorful letterboard letters HERE! I just bought the white set from Hobby lobby and painted them! 

#8- HI! 

Hobby Lobby carries a couple different hellos/hi and I pretty much love them all. (I own two of them)

Put them on your front door, wreath, signs, on a gallery wall. So many fun options! 





I love this whole aisle! Wood signs just waiting to be painted or mod podge and decorated! All different shapes and sizes and designs! No more waiting around for my husband to get out the saw so I can cut some signs! 



I know you can buy paint in lots of places….but Hobby Lobby carries so many fun and different kinds and colors! I may have been known to buy paint just because I want to try it and not because I have a project for it!

#11-Two words: JOANNA GAINES!

If you love fixer upper…don’t you worry! Hobby Lobby has aisles that is chock full of the farmhouse goodness!



It is no secret…I LOVE washi tape! It is fun to put on envelopes, to tape things to the wall or fridge, or even to just add a fun pop on the top of a box! I pretty much always swing by this aisle and grab me a new fun print!




Hobby Lobby s known for it’s wood signs (and boy do they have SO Many cute ones!)

this is one of my all time favorites:

But I just love the florals! 

Aren’t they pretty!?


This is one of my blogging “secrets” I buy these cool boards and plain colored posterboards to use as backdrops for my blogging and instagram photos!

I use them all the time…and if they get ruined or crinkled-I can just toss it and buy a new one!


You can check out my instagram to see the colors I use! 

I also just ran into this last time I was Hobby Lobby! They are for walls…but if you put them on foam core board you could have some fun new backdrops!


I adore kid crafts…my kids adore kid crafts! I always get them a fun art project for a Christmas present! I love all the options they have at Hobby Lobby (and everything is included!) All these fun Christmas projects to do during the Holidays –

(this brand Make it Christmas is one of my favorites! It’s priced great and has so many amazing kits)

And, of course, there are craft kits all year round!

Some of these I want to do!



I love using the garland along my mantels …but you can also use it as cheap method to make an amazing wreath!



ie…stuff you don’t really need…but it’s JUST SO DARN CUTE! (so basically…all of Hobby Lobby!) I find myself buying all sorts of random items that just make me happy! 

I mean who doesn’t need a lipstick needle holder!?



Okay. I don’t scrapbook anymore. BUT I still buy scrapbook paper like I do! I love it! So many colors and designs!

I use it as little photo backdrops and to make paper flowers and cute tags. BUT…Hobby Lobby has some amazing wood/texture looking paper that is perfect if you want the look of wood…without the price of wood!

I just cut off a stripe and taped around my candle! So easy and CHEAP!

Also…some of these 12×12 sheets are so cute you could literally just grab a frame and hang it on a gallery wall! 

How fun is this calendar! Add some washi tape to the top,  frame it and use the glass as a dry erase!


I have such an obsessions with throw pillows! It’s so easy to change up decor without making a big commitment! 

They also have pillow covers  over in the fabric section. But I have bought so many of these blank ones to put vinyl on! 


I’m in totally love with Hobby’s light fixtures! They have all different kinds. I actully just bought a couple ones to incorprate into my Christmas mantel! and then I will be able to use the on my daughter’s nightstands when I’m done with them!

Do you see the light fixture over my craft desk!



I love buying these fun colorful packs of embroidery floss. I took them camping and we all spent 3 whole days making bracelets! It would be a great thing to have around for kids to do!


I also totally love these cute little embroidery kits! Cute gift idea!


Guys…I can craft anything. But hand me a succulent and I will kill that thing faster than you would think humanly possible! I just don’t have a green thumb! So I love that Hobby Lobby carries so many great faux ones…that look real! They are around the same cost as reals one…and I don’t have to worry about watering them (or not watering them! I still don’t have a clue what to do with them!)

and they looks so good all around the house

and even on wreaths!

#23 –DOORMATS (I mean! What doesn’t Hobby Lobby have!?) 

I think a pretty wreath on your front door….and a cute mat on your doorstep just makes the whole porch! 


I love gift wrap! Not only is a great for presents..but I use it all the time to cover the back of shelf or mod modge over large letters or use it for photo back drops! I just grabbed about 6 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper that is so cute!) 



I love writing down my life (old school style) and Hobby Lobby has everything you need to jazz out that planner! Seriously. I think I could buy all the things and fill my planner so full it wouldn’t even close! 

And since it’s a new year…it will be perfect time to jump on the planner bandwagon if you haven’t!



Okay! I’ve reached 25!

But every time I had to head to Hobby Lobby I snap photos of items that catch my eye! (Make sure to follow my Instagram stories so you can see all the fun! We just started using the hashtag #gluegungroupies so I can see what you are buying at Hobby Lobby too!)


Here are some honorable mentions that I had in my camera roll:

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.