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Home Sweet Home Sign

Literally last month I posted about my living room my-living-room-900x1350

and guess what…it’s already changed. ha! My husband hates me! home sweet home living room



If you are a long time reader you might remember that I have a home sweet home sign on my wall in my dining room.


I saw the sign on the right forever and a day ago on Pinterest–and I love the hodge podge of sizes, colorings and fonts.


But When I was at Michaels I found the letters on the left in the dollar section. 8 bucks…I just couldn’t pass it up.


AND THEN fast forward two years later –Michaels has this new line called alaphbet soup. Two aisles filled with letters of all different shapes and sizes. And I went in there because I thought I could do sweet in a funky font…and this happened…



30 minutes of taking up the entire aisle. I just couldn’t help it. and I’m so glad. I smile every time I see it! It’s a little funk, fills up my big giant dumb wall… and pulls in some fun colors!

home sweet home sign for living room

These letters were all 50% off–And this home sweet home sign cost around $80. (But let me tell you this…The S lights up and was $15 itself…and the W was the next most expensive–but I didn’t mind splurging on that one because my last name is West!

wall decor for living room

I actually only added stripes to the H…and spray painted the O¬†from the original home sweet home red. (I also might want to paint the t…but can’t decide on a color!)

fun typography wall


I also recently bought a giraffe pillow for my living room (affiliate links) because giraffe. IN hot pink glasses.

giraffe pillow

You can also head here to see my fun photo ledges!

photo ledges

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