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How to get colorful letters for your Letterboard!

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Alright friends! Let’s talk about LETTERBOARDS!!! I Love them. I think it’s a totally fun way to display a quote or saying that you can switch out. (and let’s be realistically…most of my quotes are kind of snarky.) I noticed them so much this back to school season on Instagram! So many people had their kids pose with them!


Way cute! Cute way to say Happy Birthday or announce a sale or baby shower. LOTS OF USES!)


I have two letterboards.  The small black 10×10 is from letterfolk.

(These are all letterfolk!)

I’ve had it for two years and bought it before letterboards got crazzzzy popular! Now you can find tons and tons and tons of letterboards on Amazon and in stores. They come in LOTS of sizes…and lucky for my color loving friends–lots of colors! Hobby Lobby right now has a pink, black, gray and green option!

The other letterboard I have is a huge white one from Heidi Swapp!


I have a girl crush on Heidi Swapp. It’s okay. So I had to buy it…AND she has created LOTS OF amazing letters to go along with her boards (pink, gold,  turquoise, 1/2 inch all the way to 2 inches) and my favorite ones…the cursive options! (the September up in the photo)

These are pulled from Heidi Swapp’s facebook! I just wanted you to see the many options! 

I hope you are seeing why I am so OBSESSED with letterboards. But with anything…I need MORE…

I love Heidi Swapp’s pink and turquoise…but I love color. And I NEEDED MORE COLOR!!! So I painted some! HA! 


You got to see a peak of them here on my pumpkin letterboards

But I found this pack of letters at Hobby Lobby–19.99–but used a coupon of course! It has LOADS of letters. I think there are about 13 of each vowel. Just snip them off.


I pulled out one of each to have some white ones…

and then organized it by letters. 

I figured out how many different colors I wanted and go that many paper plates. Then I divided it up evenly. I put a vowel on each plate (so I have a each vowel in every color) Then I took the b and worked my way across the plates. When I ran out of bs, I grabbed the cs and continued on. Once I hit the end of the plates…I went back to the first one and started again. I wanted an equal number of letters per color. (but realistically…you could do this with only 4 colors. I just love color!)

Here is the biggest tip. PRIME! Add some prime to those letters so the paint doesn’t scrape right off! 

Then I just took turns and spray painted each plate. TIP: The I and the periods and commas laid on their sides. So I made sure to flip them so that each side got a coat. I also went through and pulled out any letters that I missed a spot and stuck it in some Styrofoam and painted it again. 

This process takes awhile. I did 3 coats. And allow to dry in between coats. AND then they are pretty tacky. so I just let them sit there for a good 24 hours until I combined them all together!

I organized them by letter and number so I can easily grab what I need!


Then you get to just create all day long with them


I also want to mention–my friend Mandy sells colored letters for her letterboard too! In case you are the diy type! (gasp!)

Here are some of my letterboard creations! (before color)  (I post these mostly to instagram! Follow me! I’m AGIRLANDAGLUEGUN!

I used as a backdrop for my minnie mouse marquee! 

And you did get to see a peak of it on my Peg board wall.


Also…for a good time…make sure to follow letterfolk! SO MANY FUNNY ONES!


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