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friendship bracelets…kid craft monday!

to go with the sculpey initials we made last week…
i totally remember doing these as a kid.
and if it was good for me as kid..
it’s good for my snot nosed kids.
just kidding about the snot…
but they do have noses..
and they are kids. friendship bracelets
dudes. friendship bracelets are making a comeback! i see them everywhere…
these are all from the daily deal website..

so much fun. love all the bright colors! i passed by these fun cords at joanns…used a coupon and scored both for $5. (i obvs loved one more than the other…

and it came with instructions!

but you can totally use embroidery floss…and it’s  CHEAP.

embroidery floss

once you learn it…its’ easy..its the getting it down that’s the hard part. you basically take two pieces of string. one long. one shorter.. and fold in half and tie a knot leaving a loop….

then you tape it down to a board…(or clip it to the clipboard)
i also tape down the middle pieces
you are only working with the purples…(long pieces)
to make a straight braid..you are going to alternate sides. first start on left. then next time start on right.
if you want it curve around…only do one side each time.
1. cross over
2. cross over the other side on top of them all
3. take the number 2 string that is on top and put it under the number 1 strap
31/2. fold it up under the two strings down the middle (check out the pictures…it makes more sense)
then you just pull it up and tighten it!
this one is just a regular braid…

and this is a five strand braid i learned HERE

and then i just tied some string around a hoop i had left over from a necklace+ DSC01914
and if you want to know how to make this lovely chevron one …..go HERE

and you can go HERE for 15!

and this one is pretty awesome yarn-bracelets-kid-craft-1024x682

guys….the creating with the stars first round is up..
and it’s AMAAAAAZING!!!!


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