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Faux embroidery with heat transfer vinyl

I must really don’t have the patience to embroider (see my other knock off embroidery post HERE)

But I do LOVE the look!  So I decided to once again to make a faux embroidery dress! make a faux embroidery dress knock off using some awesome iron on heat transfer vinyl from expressions vinyl


I love the boho embroidery outfits I see in stores everywhere! I found this fun dress blank at either Joann or Michaels (it’s been awhile) It was so cute…and plain white and I regret not buying 10! It was perfect for some fun neon heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl before blank dress


Guys.  I am almost embarrassed to show you my Silhouette Studio screen. It looks like pure madness. I did have a basic idea of what I wanted and just searched through the cut files I already had and found flowers and zig zags and leafs and swirls.

vinyl iron on embroidery design For Heat transfer vinyl you actually load it in so the front is at the back. (the neon pink is actually lighter on the backside so it’s easy to see!) neon heat transfer vinyl

Cut it all out and peel away the excess heat transfer vinyl! You will be left with a clear plastic carrier sheet and the design.  weed vinyl

The plastic sheet covers the top of the vinyl (and is what you iron on…which is why you cut it on the backside –and if the image is directional or words you will need to flip it horizontal!) fun and intricate vinyl designs I had this front panel piece all together when I cut it out so Ironed that on first (15 seconds with a medium iron PRESSING (if you need help see THIS VIDEO) expressions vinyl

Then I just cut and pasted where I wanted!  heat transfer vinyl Seriously look at this hot mess….but it all worked out! Just make sure that when you ironing that all the vinyl is covered with a carrier sheet or a multi use paper I ironed the zig zag down at the bottom first…and then added the flowers so I made sure to keep the zig zag covered in case my ironed touched it!  embroidery knock off

If only I had a cute little baby to put in the dress!

heat tansfer vinyl dress

Here is the frustrating part…this is NEON! and I can’t get it to come through on my camera!!! Pinky promise though..FLUORESCENT!  fun kids dress made with iron on vinyl embroidery knock off using heat transfer vinyl from Expressions vinyl

and now it your chance to enter to win $50 to Expressions Vinyl and make your own!

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