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polka dot pillow with poms

okay…since i’m still knee deep in craft room organization..i had a state report to listen too…a kindergarten graduation….and a fake birthday to buy donuts for…we are going to repost a guest post!

It was on polka dot chair’s  polka dot series….you can go HERE to see this tutorial over on her sight. and I got to meet melissa in real life at snap…and she is beautiful and nice and lovely and I wish i would have remembered to score a picture with her…..

(as i’m reviewing this….I thought I should mention that My glue gun broke right before i was making these…so they are sewed on. BUT you can use your glue gun.)

carry on.

polka dots are one of my favorite things! really! most of my clothes have polka dots…and i have a polka dot SOMETHING in every room of my house. i love them! So i was so excited to do a fun polka dot project..

but i had no idea what to do.

I was wandering around the store trying to see if anything jumped off the shelf at me…

and literally EVERYTHING jumped off the shelf at me. (okay. not literally)

I could have polka dotted everything! piggy banks, trashcans, sweatshirt, bags, scarfs, frames, chairs, bulletin boards.

but I needed none of it. So i re-organized my polka dotted mind to things around my house that were on my actual to-do list…

and pillows for my daughters new room is on that (LONG) list.

So you get a polka dotted pillow:

pom pom polka dot pillow a girl and a glue gun

I used pom poms to achieve my polka dottedness


her room is really bright colors–but they have pom poms in different colors–even pastels! so this could easily turn into a cute easter pillow!

I got out my ruler and measured out on my fabric and stuck a pin where I needed to sew on a pom pom.

(these aren’t hard to sew on…just make sure you are going directly through the middle of the pom)

and since the inside of the fabric won’t be seen you can just tie it off inside and no one will see it!

then..cause i’m a girl and love ruffles too…

I took some leftover  ruffle fabric and cut off the ruffles and added it as a trim (premade ruffles are the best!!!! two points for time saver)

Just pinned around one piece of the pillow (ruffles facing in)


sew around and then put the back piece of pillow on (right sides together) and sew it together (leave an opening to turn it right side out and so you can add stuffing!)

pretty easy and soooo much fun!

polka dot pillow with poms

kameron's room with polka dot pillow

polka dot pillow

close up of polka dot pom pom pillow a girl and a glue gun

and this isn’t my first rodeo with polka dots…(see? told you i loved them!)
polka dots roundup

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