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baby taggie toy (say that five times fast)






okay. it’s really not that hard to say five times.

but as unhard as it is to say.

it’s even unharder to make.

(i’m trying to say that this baby taggie toy is easy to make)

i was in need of a little something something to put on my baby present. (THESE canvas prints)

and it was saturday night.


and i decided to be scrappy.

LITERALLY– baby taggie

it’s a great scrap buster..i hoard..everything. but ribbon especially. so it’s fantastic to get rid of random strays of ribbon.

i did a basic circle shape and pinned them all around….

photo 4 (3)

i sew the ribbon around first to keep them in place.

then i added the button (i TOTALLY triple secured this sucker. i didn’t want any┬áchoking┬áhazards) i might of even hot glued it on the back.)


then laid the other circle (right sides in) and pinned it around.

photo 5 (2)

sew around leaving an opening to turn it right sides out. then i stuffed it with a couple walmart bags and the leftover scraps from cutting the circle. it’s soft and has a bit of crinkle sound. DSC02406

it’s cute and easy and i didn’t have to buy one thing. DSC02407

if you are bored you should pinterest baby taggie toys. there are sooo many cute little ideas out there!!!like…………..



source il_570xN.395840008_fa53












just to name a few.

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