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polka dotted tights

i love fallĀ 
no. i LOVE summer.
BUT i love fall wardrobe more than summer.
and one of my most favoritest things about the fall wardrobe is cardigans!
but this post isn’t about cardigans.
it’s about my OTHER most favoritest things about fall..
(it’s probably cause you don’t have to shave your legs)
but anyways….loving the patterned tights trend….(but sometimes they can be just so darn expensive. or not exactly what you are looking for!
so diy your own!
polka dot tights
i just bought a plain white from walmart (but heads up: check out tj maxx and ross…they sometimes have some for REALLy cheap!!!)
then i mixed the fabric paint medium with red paint…and stamped with a circular foam stamp (you could very easily cut one out of fun foam too!)
things to remember:
tights stretch. these circles are about inch …..but when they get put on (especially around the thighs) they can be almost 2 1/2 inches!
Leave the cardboard in the middle…the paint will soak through to the other side.
you can do all sizes…try little ones with a pencil eraser as a stamp
another wise word of advice. don’t leave your 5 year old unsupervised.
alright…go decorate your hearts out!!!


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