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my bedroom

So i love using you guys as my own little decorators! I loved all the feedback i got on THIS post

And since i’m still like sitting in my undecorated corner sucking my thumb cause i just can’t make any decisions..

i thought i would turn it over to you!!!

here’s the bedroom….(from the mls listing…not my bed)


I forgot to get a before move in picture…

but imagine it like the picture above.

without a bed.

and the two canvases.

We stuck our kind sized bed in there….

and a bunch of random crap…

(a mod podge of past bedrooms..)

IMG_3836 (i didn’t fancy it up cause you need a gross before picture to reallllly make your after picture even more awesome.

Now…as soon as we closed on this house (or maybe even when we left the house after our first walk through) I get on pinterest and totally start to decorate in my head…

and i was all…i’m going to do this beautiful neutral calming bedroom.

an oasis…

a peace filled slumber room






see…so pretty!!!!

and i found these fun pins…

76b604f2f2941cb5f241535e936a8772 7582375f1c51df2b2211c912ce27f174

and i was like…WHAM stenciled bedskirt and headboard!

and i happened to have the greatest company EVER EVER.

cutting edge stencils.

i puffy puffy puffy heart them!

after MUCH debating…literally 3 weeks worth

1004544_625111950860186_265678697_n i chose number 3! (called hand forged)(but i would have taken them all!)

and i got to it!!!!

i simply bought a queen flat sheet for like $9 at walmart


i used my preexisting bed skirt and just cut off the skirt part and measured for the 3 sides


and cause i’m such a thrifty gal…i totally used that blue skirt that i cut off and made an ACTUAL skirt for my daughter…cause all the hems were finished!


then i stenciled away (just whatever paint you have…mixed with fabric medium to make it not “crusty”


Capture67655675 for the headboard…i just cut a giant piece of cardboard (luckily my husband just bought this big shelf for the garage)

and i covered it with batting and then hot glued the finished stenciled fabric around the sides


and while i love it….


i hate it.


let me tell you my issues…(they are not with the stencil. i love it and in fact have already reused it in my laundry room)

a. i hate the neutral…

(ironic right)

i crave a pop of color and fun.

it seems so blah blah blah.

and b.

I didn’t want to make the headboard overlap the windows…but i think it looks to small for the bed.

so there it sits….

i’m the kind of person that can’t do anything until i have a clear vision.

i need to see the finished product in my head before i start anything.

cause i’ll repaint the side tables and then two months later i will find the exact accent pillow that i want and then i will realize that the side tables will need to be repainted another accent color.

I’ve been spending a lot of “planning” time on this room….

but i just can’t find which direction to go!!!

(this is where you enter your input)

what to do

I know i will eventually distress the side tables (probably a neutral) (or maybe a high gloss?)

and then repaint the cedar chest a totally pop of fun color

and i want a lamp

i gravitate towards mercury ones..


source || source || source

and there will be PLENTY of pillows in my future

late one night i tell my husband we are going to swap the bed to other wall…

so we did…

and i didn’t work. the door opened up and hit our side table..

and to make it so there is room to walk around the bed to get to the closet and bathroom it was off center with the vault.

and we moved it back immediately.

so this wall is the only option…

what do you think of the size of headboard…?

should i do something like this and go all the way up the wall?


do you think it’s going to be weird looking if the headboard extends past the windows?

do i put a funky colored headboard up there..or just save it for the pillows?

Or should i paint that in between space an accent color?

I did think about doing this with molding…


but i don’t know if it’s going to look even smaller next to the bed…

(and getting a smaller bed is out of the question. i like my mammoth bed)

and let’s talk curtains….

do i do one panel on each window?

two panels?

one big curtain rod like this picture???

e66d09fb5e6f0abc0f191f92932f0545 do i put fun print ones? just a solid fun color? or go classic and throw up some white and leave the color to the pillows?

What about a rug?

busy? neutral?

rugs all of these are from rugs usa…except the bottom right is from HERE

and what color should i add in..?

i don’t want red…

and my husband has vetoed pink (or anything that looks too girly)

here are some pictures i’ve pinned that i keep coming back too…

cc8cc7965b03b5af5957f591c94febd1 .

or we could go even lighter…seafoam…


or i could do a coral (on the orange end..not pink end)


i also totally love this one…


ahhhh! just putting this post together has caused me anxiety! HELP!

(if you want to get more of a sense of what i like you can visit my pinterest board master bedrooms)

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Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.