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30 days of sundresses…the play dress

Today I’m participating in Melly Sews 30 days of Sundresses and since we love dresses…I HAD to participate! I have this daughter… she is very tom boy. But the girliest tom boy ever. She will want to ride on a motorcycle as fast as you dare go…while wearing an Elsa dress. (do you know the […]

Apron made from two fat quarters and Expressions Vinyl

I’ve got a super duper easy apron/sewing project for you…that would be amazing for a mother’s day present! and it only involves 2…and a half things)  You need two fat quarters…and some heat transfer! (this sis the half…fun iron on vinyl is actually optional…but SUPER cool to customize it with! I get all mine from […]

hot glue pom pom pillow

This was made for the ribbon retreat blog! But I always love to post everything here eventually! so in case you missed it…….. My daughter’s birthday is coming up…and I’m surprising her with a total room redo! So I feel like everything I’ve been crafting is pink and cute and ruffly and pom pomy. And […]

gingham messenger bag

–This was a guest post over at Ribbon Retreat!!! I love love love this bag…One of my favorites!!!!     Hi! I’m Kim with a Girl and a glue gun! I got the letter G! I’m sure it has something to do with the three G’s in my blog title! but today I’m unplugging the […]

the easiest maxi skirt using ruffle fabric!

guys. girls . you. I love ruffle fabric. I do. It’s the prettiest stuff…and It’s so easy to work with (no fraying…ie…no hemming!) You can sew a basic skirt…and it just looks so…amazing! like you worked so hard on it! when in all honestly..it took about 30 minutes!   this is the fabric i scored…a […]

hooded bath towel–easy tutorial!!!

My daughter got a hooded bath towel when she was a babe….and she has worn it to rags. She asked me to “hot glue a new one” (cause hot glue is the answer to everything in this house.) I didn’t hot glue…but sewed it instead. and guess what…it’s super easy!!!!   take the hand towel […]

fat quarter diy bike basket~scrap week

  continuing on with scrap week….today i’m revisiting a guest post on ucreate~ a Diy Bike basket!!!! . the other day i walked outside and found my daughter and her bike like this… and i thought to myself… self, it’s time to make her a bike basket! turns out it’s a perfect project for fat […]

scrap…rhymes with crap. scrap week! quilt

if you have read my blog before…you will know that i’m a hoarder…. and fabric scraps are no exception…. so much in fact that i had to devote a whole week of fun tutorials to use up your fabric remains!!!! today we start with a fun scrappy quilt! Back many moons ago when I was […]

Month of Disney series!–mickey dress!

  If you are planning a trip…make sure to check out Get Away Today!  If you have read this blog before…you know one thing..i’m a hoarder. and i’m cheap. and i’m a HUGE disney fan. Okay…that was 3 things! but it’s all true! especially the disney part! So when Rachel decided to have a MONTH […]

polka dot pillow with poms

okay…since i’m still knee deep in craft room organization..i had a state report to listen too…a kindergarten graduation….and a fake birthday to buy donuts for…we are going to repost a guest post! It was on polka dot chair’s  polka dot series….you can go HERE to see this tutorial over on her sight. and I got to […]

easy embellished shirt or tank!

i showed off this fun easy refashion last year as a guest post. but it’s too cute not to reshare (and easy too!) and since it’s my sweet baby’s 6 year old birthday (and i’m at snap..cause i’m an awesome mom)  let’s throw it up today! cause it’s THROWBACK thursday (i’m determined for this series […]

ugly vintage patterns…oh. YES. i did.

Simple Simon and Co have the  best series. An ugly vintage pattern series. and i jumped on it.  cause i love ugly. and i love vintage. I perused alllll the vintage patterns I could find. enter exhibit A: it’s so pretty…and wrong all in one KAbang! i decided to keep the pink…and the lace…and the […]

throwback thursday–pin cushion and kids sewing kit

throwback Thursday is a new little series….Cause i have 1500 posts. (okay…some of those are just random posts about how i use my husbands deodorant cause it smells good) but MOST of those are craft posts. and No one uses my tutorials more than i do. once i do something i repeat as birthday presents, […]

guest posting…pocket skirt

This was a guest post last year and a half. that is what happens when you have so many drafts…your crap gets BURIED in it! and i’ve been playing “clean up” and getting all my guest posts prescheduled and getting myself organized! I don’t know what it is about pockets..but my girls love them! and […]