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DIY window clings

Did you know you could DIY your own window clings? Well you can. and your windows will never be prettier! Grab some fabric paint and let’s make some!

DIY window clings are so much fun to make! So much fun in fact that we pretty much used ALL the fabric paint we bought! It’s such a quick and easy way to get your creative juices going without having to gather up tons of supplies or making a giant mess!

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Supplies to make your own Window clings




So there isn’t too much to these tutorials. You will draw with the fabric paint basically like you would a marker. But there are a few things to remember:

It won’t “settle” you will see the bumps and ridges after it dries.

Place it on thick! You won’t want holes or gaps of paint.

Try to do a solid design. The peace sign was really flimsy (I mean, I made it work and it stuck on the window fine) but it can be tricky! If you are going to write your name- make sure it has nice bold and thick outlines!

These take 24 hours to dry! You can speed up the process by putting it in the sunshine.


But the most important thing-

What to put the paint on when doodling and drying your window clings

I tried 3 techniques and the plastic bag was the clear winner. I slipped in the piece of paper to keep it’s shape and just doodled doodle doodled! It was a little more difficult to get the window clings off (just to actually get the first piece up. Once it’s up, it comes off just fine)

The second one I tried is parchment paper. It removed the best…but it’s so thin that when the paint dried, it wrinkled!

Last one: Wax paper. No. Just no. I did not work.

Someone on Instagram suggested putting the paint on the glass from a frame! If you aren’t worried about broken glass it might be worth it! A second awesome suggestion was putting a little piece of parchment paper on the plastic bag and doodle over it, leaving a little tab out to help pull up the window cling!

After you are done….dry! Pull up the corner and put on your window!


Enjoy your newly decorated window!


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