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vinyl Blanks! What they are/where to buy them!

This post may contain affiliate links!

Vinyl Blanks! When I had to itemize my craft room for the insurance adjuster...I had to explain what my two bins of “blanks” actually were.

Blanks (in the vinyl world) Are blank items that you can put Vinyl on! Shirts, Onesies, tote bags, wood signs, chalkboards, notebooks, cups. Anything that has a space to decorate with vinyl (both adhesive AND heat transfer vinyl!) When you are addicted to vinyl like I am…you start collecting BLANKS. It’s nice to have a stash around so when you find out it someone’s birthday, you can find something in your hoarding pile and add some fun vinyl to customize it to make it an extra special gift! (Also, as a blogger…it’s so nice to have around for those last minute projects!) AND if you are trying to make a business out of vinyl–it’s important to find the best priced/quality blanks to get the most bang for your buck!

So today I’m going to jump in and show you where I shop and what I buy!

The best place to buy vinyl blanks for HEAT TRANSFER VINYL

First up: shirts! Hands down my favorite place to buy cute unique shirts is


I have a couple of other t-shirt stores down below which are perfect for mass producing family reunion shirts or just plain soft t-shirts. BUT JANE has perfect blank shirts that have some style. Fun cuffed sleeves. Tie bottoms. Ruffles. Ombre. Lots of colors!

Jane is kind of like a flea market. Each item for sale is sold by a different seller…so I can’t vouch for each and everything! So read reviews! Also…it’s ever-changing! Things sell out and are only sold for a few days. So I just log in every few days to see what I’m missing out on!

P.S. I buy pretty much all my clothes from Jane. (not just blanks!) I love them!



Next up on our t-shirt tour: Hobby Lobby! So many t-shirts in so many sizes and colors! They even offer xxl! and they are Priced right! (You can download the app and get 40% off if they aren’t on sale!)


vinyl shirt blanks

They even have some shirts that are super (like SUPER) soft! They are a little bit more–but if you are wanting to wear a shirt–you will probably want it buttery soft! 

While you are at HOBBY LOBBY–check out the whole baby section-cute onesies and dresses to add heat transfer vinyl to as well! 

I used this cute dress to make this! 

And since Hobby Lobby is the best–make sure to swing over and buy the blank tote bags-They are just plain jane ones…but sometimes you don’t want a crazy pattern! 

I love having these on hand!


Even made this coloring tote bag!

The black tote bags are so good too!

(Also…last time I was at Hobby Lobby, they had blank Aprons, Blank white tennis shoes, hats–Just take a walk down the vinyl aisle and the tie-dye aisle and you will find lots of things to stick that heat transfer vinyl too! (If you don’t have a hobby lobby by you…JoAnn and Michaels also carry plain shirts!)


Okay: Next place to buy shirts:


Pro: They are priced right! This is going to be the best bang for your buck if you are needed to make lots of fun shirts (like shirts for a field trip) CON: you have to wait for shipping. (and pay for shipping if you don’t spend enough!) If you are a planner… NO big deal! I’m always last minute so I love that I can run to the local store and grab what I need. Plus I like to feel and see the color in person! But you can’t beat the $1.73 price!!!

AND–To delve further into jiffy shirt-I ordered tons of shirts and list them by favorites here: 

Okay last place I buy shirts


Yup! I said it! First: they offer AMAZING SALES. Every end of season you can grab shirts for a few bucks! The end of summer will be tank tops, the end of school shopping will be short sleeved and the end of winter will be long sleeved. I just anticipate what size my kids will be when tank tops will be back in season and I buy that size. Second: I love their little outfits! They are always so cute! Fun shorts or skirt with a fun customize shirt makes the sweetest present gift!



Check out this cute dress blank! 

I just scored this tanktop for $3! WINNING!


They are also a great place to buy blank trucker hats! –and swing by the baby aisle and grab a few packs of onesies in different sizes! Make a cute custom onesie and add with a pack of diapers..easiest baby shower gift!


Check out these cute month to month onesies! 

Honorable mention:

Target Dollar section!

I put it at honorable mention because it’s hit and miss and sometimes WAY picked over! But I’ve found quite a few things in the dollar section at Target (LOTS for adhesive vinyl! Check it down below!)  But a few heat transfer vinyl finds are this cute bag:

Lots of little clutches. Occasionally little pillows and Dish towels!

Let’s switch gears to Adhesive blanks!

The best place to buy Adhesive Vinyl blanks



Dollar tree is hit and miss—but there are always a few fun things you can buy that are perfect for adding vinyl too!


like mugs and cups:

I found these blank chalkboards there!


great stop for gift bags! Fun to add a custom name to the package to make the gift extra special!



While the heat transfer vinyl section is hit and miss…there are always SO MANY blanks to slap some adhesive vinyl on! Candles, trays, wood signs, recipe boxes, vases etc.

I scored this awesome united states metal magnet–$3! There is always some good seasonal stuff. I got large wooden eggs there during Easter.



Yup. Amazon has everything…even blanks!




Clear Desk organizers

and basically anything else! (it’s also a wealth of places to buy stuff for htv (sashes, pop can sleeves etc…but the clothes blank can be hit or miss so make sure to read the reviews!)

I have a whole themed Amazon board with some fun things to purchase

and last but not least:

DIY your own vinyl blanks!

Make your own!

These new sew banners are so easy!

You can totally make these with just hot glue (but you can sew)

Another one I made!


Another place I put vinyl on is DIY Wood frames

Great if you want a customize size and CHEAP!




Now. Why I may shop around for my blanks–there is only ONE place I buy all my vinyl from (heat transfer and Adhesive.) I get it all from Expressions Vinyl.   So many colors and kinds and fast shipping!!

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.